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(Photos by China Poblano Restaurant and Sandy Zimmerman as indicated.)

I received an invitation to a party for the launching of a new gin sensation called Bombay Sapphire East. Sipping this exciting new mixture of crisp Thai lemongrass infused with spicy Vietnamese black peppercorn reminded me of my trips to China, Thailand, Japan and Malaysia.

The Owner/Executive Chef Jose Andres, of the China Poblano Restaurant, has mastered the art of combining exotic flavors into culinary masterpieces. The word Poblano refers to a mild chili pepper originating in Mexico but what does it have to do with Chinese food? Imagine the flavor combinations and tantalizing dishes of China and Mexico!

With two such unique popular cuisines, Chef Andres explains, “This is a collaboration of food and drink. You can choose from Chinese or Mexican cuisine and even mix a few dishes from each. Chef Andreas explained, “Where Mexico meets China, what is Chinese is very Chinese and what is Mexican is very Mexican. It is up to you how you mix them at your table.

At China Poblano, I am proud to honor the sensual and aromatic flavors of China and Mexico. Try tacos and soup for lunch or guacamole and an noodle entrée for dinner. You can always be flexible, never bored. It is fun to share some of the small plate dishes.”

The guests were delighted with the very original adaptations of Chinese and Mexican cuisine. Chef Andres added the Asian touch of using lettuce as a sandwich with his Chicken Ji Song and feels it is refreshing and very crunchy. His Oaxacan-style barbeque beef, guajillo chile and pickled cactus paddle was amazingly tasty with a dramatic spicy sauce.

Some of their other interesting dishes served at the party from the Chinese menu were Rou Jai Mo Street Sandwich, Sui Mai Beef. The dishes from the Mexican menu include Tuna Ceviche, Carnitas, Vegetable Jiaozi, along with a surprising version of Mango Sticky Rice.

Chef Andres commented, “One of my favorite dishes is guacamole. We prepare guacamole a la’ minute while you watch. Our tortillas are made one by one in front of you. You don’t usually eat like this today.

The charming Chef Andres was born in Spain and has been in the United States 21 years. He says, “I am happy to call Las Vegas home. You tell me I have an accent. I think everyone has an accent.”

The China Poblano Restaurant is located on the second floor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, on the Las Vegas strip, near Tropicana Avenue. There’s always a party at the Cosmopolitan Hotel!

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