Review: Betty Crocker Supreme Bars Cookie Brownies

A couple weeks ago, my wife was out shopping and ended up bringing home some desserts. Since we had dessert that was already made, we ended up putting aside one of the items she picked up, Betty Crocker Supreme Bars Cookie Brownies, for a later date.

Unfortunately, things kept coming up and we never got around to making this particular dessert item. However, this past weekend, my wife re-discovered the box and, wanting something sweet to eat, decided to make them.

My only regret is we waited so long to try these.

I have purchased quite a few Betty Crocker desserts over the years and have yet to find one I didn’t like. And, this particular item was no exception to that.

First, baking this was easy. My wife did the baking this time around, but I took the time to read the instructions and found they were something I would have no problem with either (I don’t mind baking, but I don’t like following directions). And, compared to plenty of other boxed desserts, this was done in a very reasonable amount of time (just in time for the kids to have a bedtime snack).

Of course, the fact this product offered convenience isn’t the only reason I liked it. As always, overall quality played a major role in that too. And, when it came to the quality, I had absolutely no complaints.

A lot of boxed mixes like this will end up being kind of dry tasting (even if we cheat and add oil or extra milk) when baked. And, I’ve had plenty of others that simply lacked any sort of flavor all together. That was not a problem with this product at all. The cookie brownies came out very moist (and this lasted even after they were sitting out a couple days) and they had a fantastic flavor. It really was like eating a chocolate chip cookie in brownie form.

The best part was the mix made plenty. We had enough for two servings each that night and still had some leftover for a couple days. Again, that’s not something we get with other mixes.

As I said before, this is a product I wish we had used sooner. But, now that I have tried it, I can guarantee you I will be buying this particular cookie brownie mix again and, next time, I won’t wait to make it.

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