Review of ELF Mineral Shadow in Elegant

ELF’s mineral eyeshadow collection has expanded quite a bit recently, though it still has its fantastic neutral colors in addition to the newer bright colors. One of ELF’s most wearable colors is “Elegant,” which is a light champagne color.

The ELF mineral eyeshadows come in small plastic containers with a matte black cap with the ELF logo on the top. It is slightly rounded around the edges and has a sifter inside. The eyeshadow packaging is actually made to look bigger than it actually holds, which makes it take up a lot of space. I don’t mind terribly, but if you have a lot of these in your collection, it could take up quite a bit of space. However, the eyeshadow jars are very lightweight plastic so they at least won’t be heavy.

The shadow itself is a shimmery champagne color. Like many mineral eyeshadows, this one has the typical over-glittery shimmer of mineral shadows made from mica. For a neutral shadow, it has amazing amounts of glitter, and because this eyeshadow is so light, the shimmer can overwhelm the rest of the color sometimes, which is a bit disappointing. However, the color itself is very pretty, and a great all-over lid color. I would highly recommend it if you are not afraid of having shimmery lids.

The pigmentation of this eyeshadow is fabulously great payoff. My only complaint, again, is that the shimmer can overwhelm the color.

The eyeshadow itself has a bit of fallout because it is a loose shadow in a sifter jar, which can also make travel and storage a little more difficult. It is especially hard to clean up the glitter fallout that results from this shadow. However, it does have pretty good wear time if you use a primer underneath. It will not stay otherwise.

Overall, I really enjoy this eyeshadow, though I wish it were a little less shimmery. I highly recommend this shadow to everyone interested in trying mineral shadow.

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