Review of the Jiffy Pie Crust Mixes

I was never one to make homemade pies because I always had a hard time making pie crusts from scratch. However, yesterday I picked up two boxes of the Jiffy Pie Crust Mixes to see if I could make homemade pie crusts with the boxes of mixes and to my surprise I was able too. The pie crusts came out so tender, flaky and buttery I was so happy and my apple pie was the bomb.

The reason I needed two boxes of the Jiffy Pie Crust Mixes was because I felt one box of pie crust mix would only make one pie crust even though it says on the box it makes two. Well, I am happy I got two boxes because my instincts were right. I only got one good solid pie crust out of one box of mix, which didn’t surprise me because there is only 9 ounces of mix per box, which isn’t a lot. However, the mixes were very affordable and were only around dollar per box. The ingredients in the pie mixes are wheat flour, animal shortening, baking soda, salt and other minerals. The ingredient you need to add to the pie crust mixes to make the pie crusts is water because the mixes are dry and powdery like flour with a hint of moisture. However, I used milk and I am so happy I didn’t because my crust came out very tender and flaky.

Now the way I made the Jiffy Pie Crusts were by pouring both boxes of mixes into a medium sized mixing bowl and adding about twelve tablespoons of milk. Then all I did was combine the ingredients together with a mixing spoon until I got a soft ball of dough. Next, I cut the ball of dough in half and placed one ball of dough onto a floured surface, sprinkle a little flour onto the top of the dough, took my rolling pin out and rolled it out until I got about ½ inch thick pie crust and I simply did the same to the other dough ball to get two lovely pie crusts. After, I laid each pie crust I made out carefully onto a sheet of wax paper and rolled them up in it and placed them into the refrigerator to chill for 30 minutes while I got my pie filling ready.

Then, when I was ready to make my pie I took my crusts out of the refrigerator and carefully unwrapped one of them and laid it into my greases pie pan and poured my apple cinnamon filling into the center of it. After, I took the second pie crust and laid it carefully over the top of the apple filling, brushed it with butter, and took the edges of the pie crust that were hanging off the side of the pan and pressed them together in towards the pan to help make a pretty crust. Then I baked my pie in the oven at 325 degrees for 35 minutes and let me tell you my crust puffed up slightly and had the most buttery tender appearance and texture ever.

So, when I went to serve my cinnamon apple pie up, the pie crust was easy to cut and held together well. Everyone enjoyed the crust and the pie filling both equally and wondered how I made such a delicious pie, but I didn’t tell them my secret was the Jiffy Pie Crust Mixes.

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