Review of Walgreen’s Nice Brand Whole Cashews

A couple days ago, I had to run up to Walgreen’s for light bulbs (the bulb in our daughter’s room burned out and we didn’t have any extra ones). While I was there, I decided to check out their snack aisle and, since I was craving cashews, I picked up a container of whole cashews from the Walgreen’s Nice brand.

This wasn’t the first time I purchased this brand of cashews. But, I couldn’t remember what I thought about them the last time I tried them so, when I purchased them this time, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. I know most people think cashews taste pretty much the same regardless of the brand. But, I have never believed that because I have found plenty of brands that either used too much (or too little) salt or tasted stale. And, considering these were cheaper than other cashews on the shelf (including some other cashews with the Walgreen’s label), I wasn’t sure if they would fall into that category.

As it turns out, they were pretty decent.

One of the first things I noticed about these cashews is the size. Not only were they larger than some other brands I have purchased in the past, there weren’t as many broken cashews as I’ve found in other brands. I did appreciate the latter because, if I wanted broken pieces, I would have spent a dollar less on cashew halves and pieces instead.

When it came to taste, these exceeded my expectations. They were lightly salted (with sea salt) but there was still enough to give them flavor without being too salty. And, unlike many other bargain brands, they didn’t taste stale. That made a huge difference when it came to the overall flavor.

Even my kids (who are extremely picky when it comes to food) loved these. I thought they would end up eating the entire container in one sitting and had to tempt them with another snack just so there were some leftover for me.

If you are looking for a brand of whole cashews that isn’t overly expensive but still gives you pretty decent overall quality, I recommend looking for this brand.

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