Review on Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeliner in Deep Blue

Having been impressed by other Wet n Wild products, I decided to check out this product because I’d been looking for a navy blue eyeliner. But I was rather disappointed by this product.

This product comes in a really long pencil, so you get a lot of product for a very small amount of money which is really fantastic and cost-effective. At first, the tip is really sharp, so it can be a little too severe on the delicate eye area. I would recommend rubbing this pencil a little bit to make the tip softer and more blunt. Once this is done, the pencil glides on really easily onto the hand, but actually drags a little on the eyelids, which is disappointing, as it is hard to get a clean and smooth line.

The product is very creamy, so it blends easily for a nice smoky look, but this also means that it smudges incredibly easily. It does not stay on, and will smudge under the eyes, which is a big disappointment. I expect my liner to last, and even if I like the color, smudging eyeliner is definitely a deal breaker for me.

The color itself is not so much a navy blue, as the packaging and the pencil itself suggests. It is definitely lighter, which is perhaps due to poor pigmentation. It is definitely a lighter and brighter blue than navy. It doesn’t really get its true pigmentation if you don’t apply a few layers of it on the eyes, which can make it smudge even quicker. I was surprised at the poor pigmentation of this product, especially because I saw better pigmentation with other Wet n Wild liners, but I think that the poor pigmentation is probably due to the matte finish of this pencil (the other pencils I have tried have had some shimmer in them).

While I do recommend this product overall, I would definitely pass on this particular color, as it ended up being a disappointment.

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