Review: Piggly Wiggly Brand Ravioli Pasta

As I said in another review, I decided to make ravioli for dinner last night and, yesterday morning, I ended up running to the store to pick up the ingredients (we needed a couple other things anyway).

Even though I make my sauce from scratch, I haven’t ever gotten enthused about making pasta from scratch and, instead, went looking for some frozen ravioli. I ended up buying the Piggly Wiggly store brand.

This wasn’t the first time I have seen this brand of frozen ravioli pasta. But, I have passed on purchasing it in the past because, even though it was the store’s brand, there are other brands that are more affordable. However, the store happened to have the pasta on sale this past weekend and, since it was about $1 less than the brand I would normally buy, I decided to try it finally.

My opinion of it is a bit mixed.

As far as taste goes, the pasta wasn’t terrible. I’ve definitely had better tasting pasta in the past. But, at least at the price I paid for it, I thought it was more than serviceable and I was willing to live with it. However, as I mentioned before, the pasta also happened to be on sale. Had it been the regular price, I don’t think the taste was impressive enough to justify spending the extra money.

I also feel this way when it comes to quantity. The brand I normally buy is not only usually cheaper in price, it has nearly a half pound more inside the bag than this pasta did. Again, at the sale price, that’s not a big deal. But, when the pasta is normally more expensive, I really don’t like the idea of getting less.

One thing I do have to say about this pasta, it did get to be much larger in size (when cooked) than I was expecting it to be. When I saw it in the bag, I thought it was going to be much smaller in size than other brands. But, once it was cooked, it was as large as my regular brands and even larger than some other brands I’ve tried in the past.

Basically, my opinion of this product comes down to price. If I were to find it on sale for the price I did this past weekend, I probably would consider buying it again. But, if it’s at the higher, regular price, I wouldn’t consider it because there’s nothing to justify spending the extra money.

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