Rihanna Vs. Christina Hendricks as They Flaunt Their Bods

Both Rihanna and Christina Hendricks are caught flaunting their bods. With hot bods like that, who can blame them? With both stars modeling their figures, who’s is better, Christina’s or Rihanna’s? Actress or singer, former model or new model? Let’s compare and contrast.

Clothing, Weight and Hair

Rihanna is flaunting her beautiful body for the Italian clothing label, Emporio Armani. The combination of tight jeans and bra compliment Rihanna’s shape. The pictures of Rihanna are in black and white yet you can tell she has cut her hair (or is hiding it under a wig), transforming it from the once long ruby, to the now short blonde. Christina strutted her stuff at the screening of SJP’s new film, I don’t Know How She Does It, in New York City. Christina wears a coral-hued satin Vivienne Westwood dress showcasing her colossal cleavage. Christina’s dress not only showcases her bosoms, it highlights her gorgeous red locks. Christina has an hourglass figure many would die for, although it does not come without effort. Christina works out and eats in moderation to maintain her curvy look. Rihanna looks to have lost weight in order to model. To the contrary, Christina has gained weight since being a model.


Rihanna has openly and honestly made claims that her bum is her best asset. Rihanna rocks it out with slim legs, toned abs and hot buns while Christina boasts of bodacious breasts without ever having a breast job. In an interview with the Daily Mail Christina talks about her prized possessions, stating to all that they are 100 percent real. It has been rumored that Christina had a breast augmentation, which is why she felt it necessary to clear the air. Rihanna is also accused of having a boob job as well as plastic surgery on her nose.

What Others Are Saying Via Twitter


1.) “Rihanna: Blond, Masculine For Armani Jeans.”

2.) “#Rihanna is the sexiest woman…”

3.) “Rihanna Lookin Smokin’ Hot in Armani Ads.”

4.) “I love #Rihanna and Katy Perry too.”


1.) “How is it possible any human being this hot?”

2.) “Hendricks’ Gown Steals Show.”

3.) “I might be in love with #Christinahendricks.”

4.) “I wanna work on a better body, but I will never say goodbye to my curves. Inspired by @KimKardashian @KhloeKardashian & #ChristinaHendricks.”

Let’s answer the question we started with, who’s bod is better? Christina’s curvy figure or Rihanna’s toned shape? Both women are gorgeous and Rihanna sings like a dream. Still, with all the male attention Christina is getting, in addition to inspiring others to lose weight without going too far, I am going to have to vote for her. Skinnier doesn’t always mean better, which is a lesson many could learn from.

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