Rush Limbaugh Calls Wall Street Protestors Human Debris as Protest Movement Spreads

Rush Limbaugh, talk-master extraordinaire has called the Occupy Wall street protestors Human Debris as the movement about the disparity of wealth spreads across the country.

He seems to be afraid of the “Occupy” movement as it continues to grow. He fears the president is behind it all. In an angry diatribe recently, he called the protestors “unfocused, stupid human debris”, and worries the next president might emerge from this group.

As the protest movement originally called ” Occupy Wall Street” continues to grow, it is attracting more and more participants. Also called the 99% movement, it points out that 1% of the population control the country and the economy. Protestors want to “get the money out.”

The fundamental American Dream…work hard, play by the rules, get ahead…has been broken. The middle class is disappearing as people deal with joblessness, home foreclosures, high interest debt and the recession.

The mood is anger, frustration and abandonment. Elections are bought by wealthy corporations and banks. Financial bailouts, paid for by the taxpayers were not used to help people suffering in the economic downfall. Instead many banks paid their CEOs who got us into this mess, huge bonuses.

The growing protest movement evidently has made loud mouth conservative talk master, Rush Limbaugh very angry and perhaps a bit worried.

The human debris he refers to are his fellow Americans. They are students saddled with student loans and no job prospects, people of all ages without jobs, Boomers who have seen their retirement funds disappear, and seniors threatened with the loss of their Social Security and Medicare.

Prices of food and fuel rise as middle class American’s paychecks shrink and thousands lose their homes.

There is no end in sight to the recession. President Obama has not been an effective leader and has made mistakes. There is no coming together to solve economic problems. The president and the Congress, paid and elected by powerful lobbyists, are locked in a staring contest, seeing who will blink first. The system is broken and needs fixing.

With a presidential election coming next year, there seems to be no effective leader stepping out of the mediocre Republican presidential candidates’ group. Candidate Herbert Cain says, “If you don’t have a job today, don’t blame Wall Street and the corporations. Blame yourself.”

The human debris Limbaugh refers to is “Mad as Hell.” Maybe a leader will emerge from the human debris and change will occur. The civil rights movement started this way. With today’s technology, the 99%’s message is being heard.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that lately Rush Limbaugh has been dressing in full Arab garb. He has bought a camel and a rifle and is preparing to run down the pesky Wall Street protesters, himself.




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