Sometime Memory Lane Can Hurt

A trip down memory lane led to heartaches and pains,
facing a ripe life head-on…triggers a lot of blame.
The whys, ifs, ands, and buts, drew me into a terrible rut,
days, months, and years passed, filling me with a lot of muck.
Many feel they’ll always be young and full of fun…
not to realize they’re living their lives on the run.

Times of births, birthdays, Christmases, and such,
keep me running to withstand my constant daily rush.
“No” time for a leisure, romantic evening meal,
children to take to ball games…got to get to the field.
PTA meetings and teachers night…expected to attend,
late night meals and several pairs of socks to mend.

A husband lies in waits for a word or a smile…
motions me over to perch upon his knee for a while.
A kiss and a hug is a pacifier for him and also me,
it’s been weeks since we’ve filled our desires and needs.
Mother-in-law requests a helping hand…
to unload a truck of rocks, mulch, and sand.

A night reserved for a restful good night’s sleep,
2 a.m. the carbon monoxide warns…a blaring bleep.
Run through the house for the remainder of the night,
couldn’t sleep because I’m “still” full of fear and fright.
I fuss under my breath…what’s up for today;
all I want is a good night’s sleep with time to play.

Years came and went by fast…my body’s tired and weary,
by chance, a second to primp and look in a mirror…gets me all teary.
My once youthful face is drawn and very grim,
why gray hairs are poking from beneath my hats brim!
Time and pace stole my good-looking hair and face,
leaving me regretting I’d lost it during this long hard race.

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