Speak Out

When I look into your eyes
I see a spirit shining bright,
I see innocence and purity,
and the courage to fight

I see heartache and sadness,
the capability to feel pain,
I see doubts and confusion
feel your tears falling like rain

I see you trying to cry out
for just the chance to live,
I see your heart full hope
and all the love you have to give.

I see the want that you have
for love and respect.
And all of these insights
give me cause to reflect,

How can others not see
all the things I see in you,
How can they not feel your
pain, when they do what they do

How can they not notice
all the gifts you have inside,
How can they harm such innocence
I don’t understand, though how I’ve tried

So while your voice may seem
unheard, don’t let your hope grow weak,
For I am here to stand up
for you, and for your precious life I’ll speak.

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