Spring craft: Paint chip flowers

Being an art teacher, let it be known that I don’t have any white walls in my house. Yellow, blue, green, red; color is everywhere. And one of the end results of re-painting my walls every couple years is the stash of hardware store paint chips left over from my moments of color indecision. But, being a hard-core artist and crafter, I can’t let those colorful paint chips go to waste.

If you’re in the mood for a spring craft, and you’ve also got a stash of leftover paint chips, this craft will be right up your alley. A fun art project that both you and your kids will love, try making paint chip flowers, an awesome sunny, colorful craft that seems to welcome spring right in. Here’s how to start:

Required craft materials:

– canvas panel or frame

– paintbrush

– yellow and white acrylic paint

– tacky glue

– scissors

– paint chips, various greens and flower colors (if you don’t have paint chips, visit a store to find your desired colors)

Craft instructions:

1. Begin by painting the background of your canvas panel or frame in bright sunny yellow acrylic paint. While the paint is wet, brush some streaks of white through random areas of the yellow.

2. While your paint is drying, collect your green paint chips, and begin cutting them into long strips. These will serve as your flower stems. With your leftover pieces, cut short strips to serve as grass. When the paint is dry, glue the green stems onto your canvas, varying the height of each stem and the distance between them. Attach, also, the green grass all along the bottom of the panel, varying the shade of green.

3. Begin cutting circles from your other colored paint chips, with sizes from large to very small (and every size in between). Sort your circles by color, keeping the various shades of blues, purples, pinks, etc., all together.

4. Work on one flower at a time, and begin by gluing a large circle on top of one flower stem. Next, overlap your circles, gluing smaller and smaller ones on top of each other. To add extra texture and interest to your paint chip flowers, snip little notches or cuts all the way around some of the circles, then pull the edges forward for a 3-D effect.

5. Continue to add flowers on every flower stem until they are all filled in. Your finished artwork will look best if you use circles within the same color family for each flower.

How easy was that? This spring craft is a great way to bring some bright and cheery colors into your home after a dull winter. Plus, it’s a great craft to make along with your kids. Consider letting them choose colors, cut and glue on the circles. For extra sparkle that kids love, try adding sequins, rhinestones or other craft decorations to your flowers. Happy crafting!

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