Spring Kids Party Ideas

Springtime is really the time of year when everyone wants to start getting out of the house or getting together with friends again. Of course this can vary depending on where you live and what type of winter you actually have. Below you will find a few easy to follow spring party ideas.

Healthy food ideas

Start by choosing some healthy food ideas. After a long winter, and I’m sure lots of munching on snacks, a healthy menu at a party is a must have. Of course this does not mean that the food you serve has to be boring. Start by making some healthy cookies, like sweet potato cookies. You can also put fruit and cheese on a stick. Some kids favorite fruit on a stick include grapes, and cheese blocks. Just make sure that the ends of the sticks are properly cut off so that no kids get accidentally hurt. Or you can put melon balls on a stick as well. Try doing a Google search online for creative ideas such as fruit and vegetables. This is a great opportunity to skip the potato chips, and junk food.

Keep the decor simple

When it comes to decorating for a kids party you don’t really have to be fancy. Kids don’t really care much about the decor when they arrive at a party. A few balloons for younger kids will work just fine. Older kids usually just focus on the food that is available. Save money and keep the decor as simple as possible.

Plan outdoor activities

Since it is a springtime party you can focus on planning a few outdoor activities. Plan some fun games that will keep the kids occupied. Some fun summer games for kids include games such as volleyball, or soccer. You can purchase the nets for these games at your local Walmart store for a very affordable price.

Have enough adults on hand

You will also want to make sure that you have enough adults on hand to help with managing the party. You will need parents to help supervise the games, and parents to help supervise the food. A successful spring party can really depend on making sure you have enough hands to help out.

Time of day makes a difference

The time of day that you choose really can make all the difference. For younger kids an afternoon party works best. This is a great time to serve lunch and help them to burn off a little bit of energy. For older kids you may want to make the party a little later in the afternoon, but not have it last too long into the evening.

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