Spruce Up an Old Clock with Sewing Buttons

Spruce up and old clock by changing up the face with sewing buttons. The addition of the buttons to the face adds character and gives the clock a new twist. Go through your button box or rummage through clothing with fancy buttons at thrift stores to locate twelve perfect buttons. The buttons do not have to match but do need to be at least one inch in diameter. Smaller buttons get lost on the clocks face.

Things You’ll Need:

Old clock
12, 1-inch or large flat-backed sewing buttons
Masking tape
Spray paint
Epoxy glue
Paper plate


Step 1 – Carefully remove the plastic or glass face of the clock and the hands. Set them aside in a safe location.

Step 2 – Cover the frame of the clock and the center hole with masking tape.

Step 3 – Spray paint the front of the clock with the desired color. Allow the spray paint to dry 10 minutes. Repeat the process once.

Step 4 – Remove all masking tape.

Step 5 – Mix the epoxy glue according to the instructions. Use a paper plate to mix the epoxy and a toothpick to apply the epoxy to the back of the buttons.

Step 6 – Arrange the buttons on the face of the clock. Remove each button one at a time and glue it to the clocks surface. Allow the epoxy to set for 10 to 15 minutes. This is longer than the instructions but you want to make sure the buttons do not move.

Step 7 – Carefully replace the hands and the face.

Step 8 – Hang the new button clock in the desired location.

Make a new button clock from a tin lid, and a new clock movement and hands. Paint the tin lid. Mark the center and drill a hole large enough to accommodate the clock movement. Glue the buttons to the clock face. Attach the hands. The new clock is ready to hang.

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