Storage Solutions for TV, Game and Electronics Boxes

Today’s home entertainment areas can turn into technology huts, full of blinking blue and green lights from electronic equipment. Boxes for digital electronic devices can be a challenge when you want to create a look that’s neat and well designed. Fortunately, there are many storage solutions, from do-it-yourself projects to purchasing specially designed furnishings for your box and all of your media equipment.

Find a Look and Storage Solutions By Shopping Online

Get ideas on how to incorporate current furniture design trends by visiting online retailers like Crate and Barrel, IKEA and Pottery Barn. This will enable you to visualize how media furnishings will look in your room, plan your budget, and get up-to-date in the very latest storage trends for digital boxes and create a professional look.

Discover New Hot Storage Products

Most stores now carry armoires and towers to make your box, television and audio equipment look well appointed and tidy. Create a look that integrates well with your existing furniture style and room décor. Techcraft makes a wide assortment of traditional and contemporary styles .

Check Out Office Supply Stores

Most major stores carry shelves, storage racks and media storage furniture. So don’t neglect to explore office supply stores for products and ideas. Prices are typically competitive with furniture stores, and sometimes even less. They also carry ready-to-assemble selections that you can install yourself.

Home Improvement Stores Have Shelving Solutions

Look for shelving from your local home improvement store to house your digital cable box. Make a sleek, contemporary look by placing shelving 6-8 inches from the floor, or stagger shelving on the wall to house your box and other media components for a high-tech look. Paint shelves to match wall colors to create a custom-made professional look.

“Repurpose” What You Have on Hand

Give new life and meaning to a nightstand, coffee table or end table by making it the new home for your digital cable box. Simply remove the drawers to a nightstand or table, paint or stain exposed edges and drill holes in the back for cable wires. Or use a coffee table to place the box underneath and your television on top.

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