Success Stories Get You More Clients

Since you joined the coaching profession, you have probably tried every strategy there is to attract clients. You have searched and researched and used the best quotes and theories you could find to include in your message. Still, that was not enough to impress potential clients and to make them want to work with you.

The reason is actually quite simple. You can tell people whatever you want, use the best terms you can find in coaching books to show them how good you are and the results they can get, but if you don’t give them “the proof”, they will not come to you.

The “Proof”

Your clients want results and they need actual examples of your success. You have told them about the results and the benefits they will get, but you still have to prove it. This is where “proof” comes onto the scene. You can provide them with proof by talking about your own success or by telling them about your clients’ success stories.

By telling them a true life story, you connect with the right hemisphere of their brain. And then you get an emotional reaction. This is the point where your clients will start to buy.

Remember this: “People buy emotionally and justify their purchases logically “.

Think about the advertisements on TV. Most of them show what a product can do by giving real life examples. The same applies to you. Present the product (yourself) by showing what you can do and the results you achieve.

You can always show your clients the possibilities they have. You must show them what they can do and what they can get. And if you tell them the story of someone who had been in the same situation, who had had the same problem, and that person had obtained the result they were looking for, they will immediately say: “If he did it, I can do it too!”

Motivate and challenge!

The power of example is the best motivation ever! If you know how to present your story or other people’s stories, your clients will be motivated to come and work with you. Plus, the results you achieve with other clients are the best certification you can get.

Do not forget to use in your materials (products, programmes, brochures, etc.) testimonials from your clients who have succeeded thanks to your help. And if you don’t have any yet, try to write from your heart and tell your clients how your own experiences have lead you to the results you are now achieving.

Here are some points to remember when delivering the message to your clients:
1. A credible idea helps clients believe.
2. An emotional idea helps clients feel.
3. A good story helps clients act.

The story will definitely challenge your clients to take action. It will be much easier for you to persuade them and then to motivate them to get what they really want. Make sure they know you are there for them every step of the way, you will be their guide and support, but you will not be doing their work for them.

Do not be afraid if you are a beginner in coaching. I’m sure you already have some experience that you can share with your clients. They will be more than happy to know about your experience and get something out of it.

Now that you know a real life story can help you get more clients and help you develop a successful coaching business, go to my website and find out how to integrate your success stories into a powerful message for your clients.

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