Summer Only a Passing Memory

Summer, it’s almost gone again.

Days are cooling, the grounds been shaking, soon “fall” will reign.

As yet another passing day comes and goes, time moves forward.

Pushing us along, no time to ponder, stepping slowly, stepping steady, some look alone for some reward.

Summer, a time of refreshing, a time to work, a time to prepare-

How soon we’ll try to swirl around, try to recapture that air,

Yet, forever, is lost to time the memories of every summer’s worrisome care.

Summertime, so fast it comes, so fast it dwindles away.

Swiftly year by year, reminding me of those who walk on sunshine rays-

How many years, how many plights, where will it end?

Will this summer be our last, will this summer we find a trustworthy true friend?

Summertime it’s filled with fun for so many, yet for others it is just a passing season.

A passing season, filled with memories of so long ago, a passing treason.

Summertime’s leaving soon, fall is coming, then winter too, and then again it will be spring.

And we’ll once again remember that the death bell steadily did ring-

Ending spring, summer once again walks smiling in the door.

Smiling, laughing, cheerful, and mindless of forgotten worries, undone chores.

Summertime baking memories into our mind, autumn breezes whisper so softy…

Autumn whispers of love, of family of friends, autumn, says I still love you-

Summertime, memories whisper through the darkest winter night-

“It was only my shell; it wasn’t really me, which took flight”.

Summertime tragedies remembered, recalled, forgotten once and again, at last we close that door.

Turning all around, how is it we can never walk back in time to say “I love you” just once more?

Just once more, just once more how I wish sometimes I could go back, and say goodbye.

Forever now you are but a memory, as is every summer that has come and gone since we were five.

Summer comes, summer goes, memories made soon forgotten, remembered frozen imprints on our mind.

I love you, I loved our summer, forever are your words imprinted upon my heart, forever to rewind.

Forever will I replay your final words to me-

Forever will I remember you, even as today your soul flies free-

Summer, summer, it was our time, it was meant for us.

Summertime how it’ll ever bring to mind memories of love and trust…

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