Summer Romance

He calls himself Casper,
So she laughs, sweetly,
“You mean the ghost?”
And then he smiles.
“Yes. Like the ghost.”

They walk down Bayview Drive,
Sticky skin and some–
Pretty skin dowsed in layers of sweat,
They smell like love.

He steals the honeysuckles from his neighbor’s yard,
And she licks up the honey off the stem,
“Wish we could be like this forever.”
He hugs her close,
And tells her everything will.

It’s a lie, in the end.
Summer romances aren’t made to last,
They kiss goodbye,
Empty promises and empty hands,
With no resolve, they serve to end.

A year passes,
Summer again,
She sees a ghost with another in hand.
They walk by each other,
They spare a glance,
But like strangers,
They had their end.

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