Super Bowl XLVI: The Aftermath

OK, as I hoped (and prayed) for, the New York Giants took Super Bowl XLVI home to the tri-state area and robbed the New England Patriots once again.

I never knew that Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick, aside from being involved in the NFL since sometime in the 1970’s, was one of Bill Parcells’ proteges when he was with the Giants and Jets. That explains the man’s sponge-like knowledge of the game; the man knows it inside out. For that you have to give the man immense respect; the NFL is his life.

Class all around: Belichick shook Tom Coughlin’s hand post game. Both teams behaved themselves for the most part. 100 million people plus in the United States watched the game. The halftime show? Not football-related. NEXT…… A good night was had by all.

Then it got interesting……courtesy of Mrs. Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, on her way to greet hubby post game. We all know what she said – something to the extent that her husband can’t throw and catch at the same time, which was a knock on Wes Welker and other Pats team members who she thought cost them the win.

Yes, Mrs. Brady. This is true. 110% accurate. Many other Pats fans besides you were saying the exact same thing at the exact same time. However, you’re in a much different position. You’re a celebrity, no, worse, you’re the wife of their star player – you should know better. Treat everyone around you as a secret federal agent with a directional mic on you at all times, regardless of who says what about who. Would you let your husband run his mouth in the wings of a major runway? I sincerely doubt it. Hopefully people forget about this soon and it doesn’t cause the poor guy more than just a ring (Super Bowl, I mean).

Then again if not, and Kraft and Belichick cut or sanction him because of this, they can send him down to Miami with Welker. They can use those guys.

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