Sweaters and Jammies

Halloween over
Thanksgiving done
Time to prepare for
That December holiday most fun

Vibrant holiday colors on my mind
Ironic that I’m red-green colorblind
The perfect pair of pajamas to find
So sweet Brittany and I can, together, unwind

Christmas Eve we’ll be together
Hoping for some snowy weather
Upon matching sweaters we have agreed
Holiday inhibitions now are freed

Red, green, or snowy white
Whatever the sweaters will be
They’re guaranteed to be a sight
Better than eggnog and mistletoe,
Fabric providing a cheery glow

The photographs will last many a year
Documenting my and Brittany’s holiday cheer
Posted online they will quickly be
Allowing everyone a perfect couple to see

Many couples do the same
A Christmas tradition of dubious fame
Matching sweaters both sweet and tacky
Fashions chic, conservative, wild, and wacky

But the best sweater pics from this December
Setting benchmarks for all to remember
Will be coming out of west Texas, no doubt
For my sweetie’s beauty shines both inside and out

When you see them as profile pics
Try not to be jealous
And if you want sweater pointers
Just say “please, tell us!”

And, cute as buttons, we’ll tell you!

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