Sweet Siren’s Call

Dragon’s breath…beastly heat
scorching sand beneath my feet
hauling all the usual gear…
(what IS all this stuff? over packed, I fear…)
trudging along, the dune coming near
and Hark! sweet music to my ear the
ocean’s sighing; calm and soothing
c’mon feet! don’t stop moving…
over dune, seaspray! waves endless, in sight
I will stay here forever
(more likely, twilight)
I drop my burden – plunk –
onto the beach…
continue my footsteps til
water’s edge I reach.
Homecoming fills me;
my soul in bliss
since last I dwelt here
my love, how I’ve missed
every sight, every sound,
quenched senses abound…
reunited once more
sweet peace have I found.

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