Syncing Multiple Google Calendars to Your IPhone

Many iPhone users already have their Google accounts synced to their iPhones. This allows them to take their Google Gmail, Calendar, and Contact Books with them on the go. One disadvantage to the automatic setup provided by the iPhone is that it only enables the use of your default calendar. Setting up multiple Google calendars on the iPhone is easy, and will help fully import your already existing Google Calendar profile to your device.

Begin by setting up your calendars on Google’s online editor. Multiple calendars can be useful for keeping your work, home, and other schedules separate and organized. Set up a new calendar by clicking on the down arrow icon next to My Calendars and choosing Create New Calendar. You can set up as many calendars as you wish. These calendars will be available to choose from when creating a new event or task.

Next, add your Google account to your iPhone. Launch the Settings app, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars, choose to Add Account, select Gmail, and enter your login information. When prompted be sure the Calendars switch is in the On position. You can choose to synchronize your Mail and Notes to your phone as well. Many users stop at this point and notice that only the default calendar has been synced with the iPhone. They think that this is all that will sync, and put all their events into this one calendar. There is one last crucial step to fully synchronizing your iPhone.

The final step is to visit After logging in you will see a list of all your active and shared calendars on Google Calendars. Check all the calendars you wish to sync with your phone, then click Save. Immediately launch the Calendar app on your iPhone and tap the Calendars button on the top left of the screen. All of your custom calendars will be shown on the list. Make sure you check each calendar to enable it on your main Calendar app view.

Although this feature isn’t widely advertised on Google’s pages or on the iPhone, it is the best way to synchronize multiple calendars with your iPhone. It is officially supported by Google and works flawlessly. Just remember to visit the site again if you add any new calendars to your Google Calendar account so it can be shared to your device.

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