Tebow and Orton Packing Bags?

There is a dirty little secret in Denver. No one is talking about it. Come closer. Brady Quinn will be the only Denver Bronco QB who is currently on the roster who will still be with the team at the end of the 2012 Draft. Lets face the music Kyle Orton is not retiring in Denver and Tebow is on his way out. That leaves Quinn and his career 66.8 passer rating as the Broncos QB.

If history has told us anything QB battles that one or the other cannot pull away and become “the man” blow up in your face. The only chance the Broncos have of this working out with both of these men in Denver is if they have a love child. Tebow’s fire and Orton’s skills. The Broncos know this is coming and they are looking at what they can do. I know exactly what they can do, and I know they will do, deal both players for picks they desperately need.

First Tebow will be gone by the deadline. I believe he will be dealt to Miami for picks; the Dolphins need a kick start in their team. Tebow is a Florida boy, it is in the bible belt and they have a QB that the coach does not want. Orton was plan A for the Dolphins or was it. I understand that Orton was a better passer and that Tebow would need work. I think the Dolphins are ready to hand Tebow the ball and hand over a 3rd, 4th and 6th round picks for him. Tebow was always who the Dolphins wanted, the Broncos just weren’t ready bail on him. In the weeks of training camp and preseason the Broncos realized that none of the QB’s on the roster was going to work out. A deal for Tebow will be done and he will have to pick a new number to be the #1 selling jersey. The Dolphins don’t want to over pay but will base on simply needing this in the struggling team.

The only way Kyle Orton will be dealt this year is if the Colts get a discount on his expiring contract. They are not ok at QB. Until Manning comes back they will struggle, Orton is a huge up grade and would be free to sign wherever at the end of the year. More than likely I think Orton will end up in Tennessee for a 3rd, 5th and 6th. The Titans need a young QB who can do the basic things, and with the Titans running game Orton has a chance to shine.

The Broncos have turned over new leaf; the drafting of Von Miller was a savvy and smart move that Alfred Williams called long before the draft. The Broncos have to look in a new direction. To do that the need to move past the drama of the Orton/Tebow saga. The best way to do that is cut all ties with both.

The Broncos will pick somewhere in the 7-11 pick range in the 1st round. Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley will be gone to ironically their college coaches. Seattle and San Francisco will pick in the top 4. They will take those 2 QB’s. The next QB off the board will be Jones of Oklahoma and Griffin of Baylor. The Broncos will go with Griffin.

Robert Griffin the 3rd is a more accurate and agile Cam Newton. The two big Pac-12 names will be the only reason he won’t go 1 or 2. He should fall to the Broncos in that range. Jones throws too many interceptions. Griffin is a beast in 817 pass attempts he has thrown 46 TDs and 11 picks. That is in the Big 12. He also has 23 rushing TDs and a passing rating in the 140s. He makes good reads and run when he has too, gaining 1596 rushing yards at Baylor. The knock on Griffin is he gets sacked a lot. But watching film on him you will see most of his sacks are staying in the pocket and going thru reads.

The Broncos will pull the triggers on several deals in the next few weeks setting themselves up for many years to come. If the were smart the would keep loading that gun, the first bullet was Miller and the Second will be Griffin. You can take that into the Orange sunset.

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