The Benefits of Promotional Gifts

Gifts are a way of expressing gratitude and are loved by everyone. If you own a business, you can give promotional gifts to customers as a way to thank them. Most customers are more than happy to receive promotional gifts from the companies that they patronize. These “thank you” gifts should be bestowed not only on existing customers but also to potential customers.

Promotional Gifts as a Marketing Strategy

Offering promotional gifts is a great way to deliver a product sample and get the word out. It may encourage new customers to buy your products, which will increase sales. This practice can be made more attractive as a marketing strategy by branding your company to certain activities and earning the goodwill of specific clients. To make your promotional gifts more market-specific, you’ll need to be a little strategic about your gift giving.

Promotional Gifts as a Customer Reward

Giving promotional gifts is a way to reward customers and express how much you’ve enjoyed their loyalty over the years. They make your customers feel valued. Flyers and junk mail are tossed out when received, likely without even being read. But when a person receives something he or she can use, they’ll likely keep it for a while – perhaps for several years, remembering that your company valued them.

Promotional Gifts as Name Recognition

Obviously, the most important thing printed on a promotional gift is your company name. This is not a strategy; it’s just common sense. Printing your company name on something doesn’t require a graphic designer or even much imagination. Name and brand recognition are of utmost importance. Just get the company logo and company information printed on the gift. It helps build recognition for potential customers who may not know your company exists.

Promotional Gifts as a Lasting Impression

It is wise to provide customers with promotional gifts that will last a long time, as opposed to note pads or candy or something like that. The longer the gift lasts, the longer the recipient will remember your company’s name. Gifts such as pens, key chains, coffee mugs, calendars, refrigerator magnets and the like are things that last a long time and can be observed or used several times a day. There are long-lasting gifts that may fit your marketing budget better than others, so choose wisely.

Different Types of Promotional Gifts

Calendars are gifts often chosen by small businesses for promotional purposes. They are not expensive and are used throughout the year. Other popular promotional gifts are office supplies. Pens, clipboards, sticky notes, planners and diaries featuring your company logo are very good gift ideas. Desk accessories are the next best thing. Things like pen stands and paperweights are appealing promotional giveaways.

Home-oriented gifts include refrigerator magnets, coffee mugs and Thermos or water bottles – and these make ideal gifts. They can be handled and noticed several times a day. The convenient thing about these gifts is that they can be molded into different colors, shapes and styles to stand out from other promotional products.

Key rings are also popular items and they don’t cost too much. People may use your promotional key ring to store spare keys. T-shirts and hats are a bit expensive, but can be worth the investment. They are usually worn outside in public, where other people can easily see the name and logo. A customer wearing your promotional t-shirt is like a walking billboard.


Creativity is the key to choosing the right promotional gift. It should fit your needs as well as your budget. The more money invested, the better the gift, but promotional gifts must be chosen carefully in order to maximize profits.

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