The Best Diapers for Your Baby

There are so many diapers out there to choose from that many parents do not know where to start. Whatever you do, do not be under the impression that all diapers are the same. Four years of trying different types of diapers has taught this mom a thing or two about the best diapers.

What are the absolutely best diapers?

You cannot go wrong with Huggies or Pampers. Quality-wise, they are equivalent. The only thing that makes Pampers more appealing is the super-stretch tabs. You have to pay more money to get the “Little Movers” from Huggies for the same feature. Besides that, they both provide quality leak protection (up to 18 hours on their top-tier diaper) and are great for sensitive bums.

What about when you are on a budget and cannot afford name brand diapers?

Everyone has been there. The extra five bucks you spend on those name brand diapers could really come in handy, but you have to choose generic diapers very carefully. This is a quick review of more well-known generic diapers.

Luvs: Stay away from this brand if you have little boys. For some reason, they leak terribly. The reviews for little girls have been more positive.

Wal-Mart brands: Leave the White Cloud on the shelves and opt for the Parent Choice for the extra buck. It will be worth it when your baby’s diaper does not leak.

Target brand: The Up & Up Target diapers are among the best of the generic diapers.

Wholesale Brands: Costco and Sam’s Club also provide quality diapers for great prices.

Wal-Greens Brand: These guys are convenient because they are around every corner. However, several trials with their diapers and several diaper rashes later make this mom drive the extra mile to Wal-Mart.

While we all wish we had the time to use cloth diapers on our babies, it is not always realistic. So, the diapers we choose should be the right fit for them and for our budgets. If you cannot buy name brand, hopefully you will use this review to help you decide the best diapers to buy for your baby.

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