The Cubs Have a (Star)lin in Castro

The Chicago Cubs have found a star in Starlin Castro. The 21 year old from Monti Cristi in the Dominican Republic has shown that he is on his way to greatness. The second year player has had an even better season this year than his debut.

In the truncated season last year he was very good, but this year he has been spectacular. He leads the National League with 190 hits and has 9 triples, 32 doubles and 9 home runs. All these categories are better than last years.

He is trying to get 200 hits and has a very good chance to get there only needing ten in the last 15 games. Castro has shown an ability to adapt every time that the league has adapted to him. He drives the ball with authority to all fields and has the ability to hit any pitch.

He does lack plate discipline and has a high error rate on defense, also the Chicago Cubs would like to see him draw more walks to improve his on base percentage, especially batting at the top of the order.

This kid will get better as he gets older. He already is playing like a 10 year veteran on the offensive side of things. He should get to double digit home run numbers and has an outside shot at scoring 100 runs this season. He has even stolen 21 bases. He has several multi-hit games and does not seem to be phased by major league pitching.

Castro is a player that the Chicago Cubs can build around going forward. There has been some talk about moving him to a new position, but I believe the kid will perform wherever the Cubs place him.

Castro has come such a long way in such a short time with the Cubs. It is amazing the way he ascended through the minors and how his offensive game is so polished. Expect this kid to have a great future as he becomes the face of the Chicago Cubs franchise for years to come.

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