The Death of a Political Party

It seems clear to all observers that the Republican Nomination has come down to a battle between frontrunners Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, a very predictable outcome for anyone who has followed the party through the last few election cycles. Extremely conservative, articulate, and willing to attempt to pander to both the party base and the newcomers from the tea party movement seems to be the recipe for obtaining the GOP Nomination. The problem is, that the recipe for obtaining the nomination is undoutedly the guarantee for a failed run in the General Election.

The current administration, highly ineffective and unpopular should present an easy presidential victory for Republicans. However, as the primary unfolds it is becoming increasingly clear that the GOP is no longer capable of recognizing and nominating an electable candidate to the Whitehouse.

At the risk of breaking President Regan’s Eleventh Commandment (Never speak ill of another republican), the party leadership must be taken to task for leading the party into sure failure. Both of the party’s current frontrunners seem to share charactersitics of the poster children for Republican politics. Further, both have proven track records reaching limited success, and blend well with the hyper conservative talking heads on Fox News. However, both candidates are very polarizing individuals that lack the depth of character and experience that will be required to unseat President Obama.

These two men have jumped to the front of the proverbial Republican Pack because the party leadership has failed to back an electable candidate. Currently, there is only one candidate in the field who has exhibited the leadership qualities and possesses the experience to unify an extremely disfunctional congress and lead what is an ever increasingly divided population while also regaining the respect of other global leaders.

Govenor Jon Huntsman possesses all of the experience to lead successfully through these trying times in the nations’s history, while still exhibiting qualities that will appeal to voters on both sides of the aisle. However, it is clear that the Republican Leadership is so out of touch with the current needs and desires of the American People that they will not support a candidate who does not seem to meld with the hyper conservative culture created by conservative journalists, that have emerged and convinced themselves that they are the voice of the Republican Party.

This unreasonableness, and lack of common sense vision will undoubtedly lead not only to another term in office for President Obama, but also the downfall of the Grand Old Party.

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