Twitter is the New MySpace; Ghetto, and Unruly ..

I love Twitter, but I can see the decline over the years. Twitter has digressed. Look at the top trends today.

#ThingsThirstyPeopleDo #IKnewItWasOverWhen #WhatYouFindInLadiesHandbags Love & Basketball You Don’t Have Swag

I mean honestly, does it have to be THIS ghetto. I yearn for the days when the top trends were about Justin Bieber.

Five of the top ten trends are just ghetto. MUST I KNOW ABOUT LOVE AND BASKETBALL EVERY SINGLE TIME IT AIRS ON BET? I know that is a ghetto Romeo and Juliet, but I am sick and tired of hearing about it; it is bad enough that it is aired at least once a month on BET.

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