UClear Helmet Communicators Offer Clear Communication on the Go

Enjoying hands-free communication and entertainment in any helmet wearing activity doesn’t have to be a hassle or disappointment. That’s because the UClear series of Helmet Communicators enable those, such as, snowboarders and cyclists, crystal clear performance and reliability.

Hands free communication and fun.

The UClear Helmet Communicator is a portable and lightweight blue-tooth communication system that features a control unit and accompanying speakers that also act as the system’s microphones. This means no boom is required while keeping in touch when hitting the streets or slopes. The system allows for easy intercom communication with a second device, and wireless voice control over smartphone features including music and phone functions.

Installation and configuration is a breeze.

Getting the UClear Communicator up and going is quick and easy. Whether you are left or right-handed, the control unit can be conveniently attached to either side of any helmet. The unit’s mounting bracket quick release feature allows for it to be safely removed at any time. Speakers are just as easily put into place and can be quickly removed and replaced as well. Once the helmet is setup, pairing the unit with a Bluetooth enabled phone is simple and seamless (pairing to an Android powered Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch took only seconds). Like most Bluetooth headsets, configuration and use is done via a combination of simple button presses.

As activities vary, so does the configuration.

The Helmet Communicator is currently available in three different configurations – the HBC 100 Moto, the HBC 120 Snow, and the HBC 130 Bike. While the actual Bluetooth control units are similar and share the same core functionality, each model is designed specifically for a particular application. The difference consists mainly by the variety of included mounting hardware along with varying speaker/microphone types. For example, while the HBC 130 Bike model includes ear-buds that adapt to a typical bicycle helmet, the HBC100 Moto model includes a slim stereo headset that takes engine noise and speed into consideration.

No matter the weather or circumstance, the UClear is designed to perform.

Built upon proven military technology, the Helmet Communicator has a focus on durability and clarity. For example, a trial run of the HBC Helmet Communicator in typical raw, wet, and windy New England weather proved that not only could the device withstand the elements, but that it also performs extremely well, even when wind speeds would be expected to impact audio quality.

Expand the possibilities.

Not only are there a variety of Helmet Communicators to choose from, but extra accessories are also available. The optional WT300 Bluetooth Communication Adapter, for example, allows for connection to non-Bluetooth devices such as two-way radios, walkie-talkies, CBs, GPS systems, and more.

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