Vintage Poetic Expression : Logical State of Mind

“Logical State of Mind”

I yearn for the day, That I can furnish my mind, with a logical state.
How great, it would be, If it was as easy as baking a cake.
In a bowl, I would blend, Clarity and Stability with a dash of consistency.
Then in due time, out of the oven, Would come a better mind for me.

But sadly it is contrary to reality. To reach a different state, it takes a laboring journey.

I yearn for the day, That I can disrobe myself of constant discouragement.
For it obstructs my path, And drains me of all my strength.
If attaining encouragement, Were as easy as changing my shirt.
I would purchase some made of Inspiration, And I would buy a years worth.

But sadly it is contrary to reality. It takes enduring effort, to gain positivity.

I yearn to see that particular day, when I’ll be filled, with encouragement and a logical state of mind.
So that I can begin, to climb, That mountain that seems much too high.
It is fallacious and misleading, To sit and want it all laid at my feet.
In the end, the reward, Is more satisfying, when you met what was challenging.

And thankfully, it is not contrary to reality.
You CAN fight hard enough to FINALLY become free.

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