UFC is Gaining Steam but They Need Something More

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has been around since 1993 and didn’t have many rule’s and wasn’t getting a great reaction at all. However, in 2001 it all changed when the company was sold to the Fertitta brothers and Dana White. The goal for Dana White was to continue to make the UFC a mainstay program in sports.

Now we are sitting here ten years later and the UFC has just had it’s first card on FOX. which was the start of a seven year deal. However, it went great according to the UFC but fans didn’t feel the same way. However, it still did what it was supposed to do. Unleash a world upon people who hadn’t watched it before.

Now we have to ask ourselves what is next for the Ultimate Fighting Championship to continue gaining ground to be considered the same level as MLS , MLB , NFL , NBA , NHL. I personally think that they need to become more of a system instead of a one man show. In all of the sports that I mentioned above they do not just pick people to play each other and award them a title. You have to compete and win to get your shot. Meaning no disrespect to Dana White but telling someone they are getting a title fight then they don’t due to the champion getting hurt. Someone else fights and is impressive so they jump a fighter who was already the number one contender. This isn’t a fair system and it sometimes makes it look like a popularity contest.

So in closing , the best way to do this is maybe a point system. Use the result of fight plus a panel of people within the UFC company and go by that. The next person in line gets there shot and there is no skipping unless the challenger gets hurt. This would make things much more clear for fighter , fans , and would actually give Dana White an easy time with creating fights. Let’s face the fact that no matter who is in the Octagon you are going to see punching , kicking , slamming , and much more. We just need it to be people who should be in the fights. My biggest example is Brock Lesnar , after fighting three fights he was given a title fight even though he loss one of the fights.. How can this be fair. We have fighters who have won four and five fights in a row and don’t even get a shot at the number one contender fight. Once, this happens the UFC will become the next Major thing in sports.

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