Understanding Extreme Coupon Language Terms and Abbreviations

When you first start learning to coupon, you have to learn many abbreviations. Here are a few of them compiled and listed below. Hope this helps you understand the language you find while learning to coupon. The goal is helping those who want to learn to coupon. I hope that the couponing bug will bite you. It will help you save money.

$1/1 = The coupon is one dollar off of one item.

AC = After Coupon

AR = After Rebate

ASAV = Any Size and Any Variety

AYOR = At your own risk

BLINKIES = In-store coupons near product, usually from a red blinking box.

BOGO, B1G1F, or B1G1 Free = Buy One Get One Free.

BOLO = Be on the lookout

BTFE = Box Tops for Education

B&M = Is for a Brick and Mortar Store and not an Online Store

CAT or CATALINA = A coupon printed at the register after your purchase.

CNP = A coupon that is near the product

CRT = Cash register tape, coupon that prints in store.

DND = Do not double. Some coupons say do not double on them.

DNT = Do not triple. Some coupons say do not triple on them.

DOUBLE COUPON = Coupon that a grocery store doubles in value.

EB, or ECB = CVS Extra Care Bucks earned from some purchases.

ETS = Excludes Trial Size

ES = Easy Saver found at Walgreens

FAR, FREEBATES = Free After Rebate

FREE ITEM COUPON = A coupon that allows you to get the product completely free.

GM = General Mills Newspaper Insert

Hangtag – Some coupons are hung on the item.

IVC = Walgreen’s Instant Value Coupon.

IP = Internet Printable Coupon.

K = Kellogg’s Newspaper Insert

MFG, or MFR = Manufacturer’s Coupon.


MIR = Mail In Rebate.

NED = No expiration date.

OOP = Out of Pocket, in reference to how much “real money” you will pay at the register.

Overage = When you buy and item for less than the value of the coupon the extra is overage.

OYNO = On your next order.

P&G = Proctor & Gamble Coupon Newspaper Insert.

PEELIE = Coupon that you peel off the package.

PSA = Prices Starting At.

Q = Coupon.

RP = Red Plum Coupon Newspaper Insert.

RR = Register Rewards.

SS = Smart Source coupon Newspaper Insert.

STACKING = Using a store specific coupon with a manufacturer coupon (most stores allow this).

TEARPAD = A pad of refund forms or coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display.

TRIPLE COUPON = A coupon that a grocery store triples in value.

WYB = When You Buy.

YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary (The success on using this depends on your store’s policy).

If I have missed any that you think should be added to this list, please let me know. I love to coupon shop and save money. I also love to help others that want to be helped as well.

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