Urban Meyer to Ohio State, However Did He No an Opening was Coming? Fan View

In sports you never know what you are going to get and this may have been a shocker to some fans. Urban Meyer looked to have what every coach is trying to do in college football. You build a program and do good enough to land a big job. Which is what he did at Utah , on his way to becoming the coach of the Florida Gators.

However, his career at Florida ended quickly when he tried to retire , then he was brought back to coach another season. Yet, to retire again. This raises an eye because the issues at Ohio State , which hit the media in the end of 2010, most of the time in college football issues don’t hit the media until sometime after it is discovered which could lead people to think maybe he just didn’t care what happen with the Gators, in the worse season that he had in his time at Florida.

Let’s face it would the University of Florida allow him to just leave and go to Ohio State , If he were the coach of the Florida Gators now? What would be better then stating : “Health issues and spending time with family” , Yet, he then got a job working for ESPN. How do you work on health issues and be with your family if you aren’t home?

So with all of this being said , some of you may think I am looking to far into this but you have to admit it seems that it could have been possible for Urban Meyer to have been told the job would be opening since Luke Fickell was told he wouldn’t be the coach of Ohio State after this season.

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