Victorian Plumbing Growing Fast on Facebook and Twitter

Victorian Plumbing growing fast on Facebook and Twitter.

I feel it is fair to say that Victorian Plumbing have come a long way since they were established in 1999, they started of selling a select range of original and antique bathroom furniture including taps, showers and cast iron baths (Victorian Originals). They had a few in house craftsmen that specialised in the restoration of these items and also offered a comprehensive customisation service on request. Victorian Plumbing quickly developed a strong reputation for supplying unique and specialist items, many of which have since been featured in popular household magazines and on TV shows. In 2003 they expanded their range to include many of the popular high street brands, ranging from the latest modern/contemporary designs to more traditional ranges.

They have continued to expand year by year due to increasing positive feedback, recommendations and a superb website offering a now vast range of products and competitive prices. Sales are now soring due to their continuing commitment to great customer care and the large following they have on Facebook and Twitter, which is kept up to date on a daily basis.

Now that Victorian Plumbing has joined Facebook and Twitter, existing and new customers are now able to keep up to date with the latest offers, news and reviews from Victorian Plumbing. After just a couple of months on Facebook they already have a large following exceeding over 1000 followers on the profile page. This Facebook page will offer you the ‘Deal of the Week’ products, this so far seems to be extremely popular. They also have a ‘like’ page where weekly news and reviews are keeping you up to date with the company and products.

Twitter! They go by the name @victorianplumb, this is another recent social networking step for Victorian Plumbing, here they are updating on a daily basis with news, offers and blogs. I have found the news and blogs to be particularly interesting as it offers great DIY tips and advice.

Both of these Facebook pages and Twitter are continuing to grow on a daily basis and helping to spread the joy of the Victorian Plumbing website and services. It has proven to be a great platform for business growth, and I have no doubt that it will continue to grow and deservedly too, as Victorian Plumbing started as a small specialised company and has now grown to be a major competitor for other companies.

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