Whiffers — Handmade Aroma Pendants Turn Hobby into Booming Business

Whiffers are wearable aroma diffusers handmade in West Virginia and designed to hold essential oils for many health benefits. These vented cylinders are reminiscent of vinaigrettes, small containers worn by high society European women during the late 18th to the late 19th century. Vinaigrettes contained a sponge soaked with lavender or other aromatic substances to cover unpleasant smells encountered in the streets during those times.

When longtime Aromatherapy expert Peggy Carey created Whiffers, an attractive wooden aroma diffuser worn as a pendant, she was only trying to improve on existing designs that leaked on clothing, were awkward to open, or didn’t release oil molecules for long. “I had no idea my husband’s wood-working hobby would become a full-time business, but that’s exactly what has happened,” Carey said from her office in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia where Whiffers are being shipped worldwide.

Once created, Whiffers immediately began to draw the interest of both consumers and retail outlets so Zest Lady Aroma Pendants was born. The name Zest Lady came from Carey’s article Pursuing Postmenopausal Zest which was published several years ago. Today large numbers of Whiffers are created by hand, all in the Intarsia (wood mosaic) hobby shop of Carey’s husband. “We’re definitely proof that successful manufacturing can be done in the United States, in any town, and even in a severe recession.

“Whiffers are fun and an attractive piece of jewelry that doubles as an effective wellness tool”, Carey said. Currently the pendant shop is gearing up for a busy holiday season where retail sales are expected to grow. The wood Whiffer line has been expanded to include Glamour Whiffers that include gemstones, Pet Aroma Whiffers to be worn by pets, Mini Whiffers sized for children, and Whiffers made from a few manmade materials for those who like more colorful jewelry.

The pendants offer another way to use essential oils which are plant-based substances that have been used by world cultures for thousands of years to bring about changes in mood, improved health, and were even considered a sign of wealth. “Humans are very scent driven and scientific studies have repeatedly shown the right aroma can instantly improve your mood, increase your energy, curb appetite for weight loss, and have a demonstrated impact on the limbic system of the brain,” Carey said.

Carey’s company also gives a great deal of attention to the types of wood Whiffers are made from. Recently many have been created from authentic Certified olive wood from Bethlehem . The wood comes from the annual pruning of 300 year-old olive trees. This connection to nature is believed to add to the energy and aura of Whiffers.

Carey has plans to design other items of Whiffer jewelry, but says her primary objective is to teach people that there are natural remedies available like essential oils that can help eliminate many health problems and improve the function of many systems of the body.

Now that the oil benefit secret is out, it is easy to see why the Whiffer craze has taken off like gang busters. It is encouraging to see that there are still small businesses that are thriving and their products proudly display the “Made in America” sticker.

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