Why Atheists Could Be Going to Heaven

Many believe that their religion is the correct one and if they sincerely believe it they will be promised heaven after they die, but they may need to investigate this claim and reconsider. If only one religion can be true then billions of people are following a false god. Those who think there could be multiple paths to heaven and that many religions could be right must consider those same religions say there is only one path to heaven and that is through believing in their God – and not following means they will be sent to hell. So it could be eternally devastating to not follow the god of a religion other than their own. So it is important for one to learn about other religions so they can choose the one that makes the most sense and is more likely to be true – not just accept the one their parents taught them. However, there could be another option to consider. If a rational and moral god exists but has not yet revealed himself to humanity, He could be using current religions as a test to see who will follow a religion that has condoned slavery, oppression of women, violence, genocide, or anything else that is immoral.

A moral deity would not demand people to follow a harmful religion, but could be allowing them to exist to see who is willing to sacrifice their morality in order to get into heaven. It is much easier for one to follow the same religion or faith as their peers than it is to go against the majority and give up their chance of going to heaven. Standing up against a belief that is immoral should be rewarded. Risking eternity in hell for not following an immoral religion would be the ultimate sacrifice anyone could make. If a rational and moral God exists, He could not possibly throw a person in hell for standing up for what is right, but would send him to heaven for not following a religion and a god that has condoned so many horrific acts.

Morality is about doing the right thing no matter what one is told or how much peer pressure is put on them; religion is about doing what one is told whether it is moral or not. This only gives good people reasons to do bad things. A moral God would not condone this behavior.

It is extremely unlikely that a god does exist, but if there is a god – it would be better to follow what is rational and moral rather than follow a religion just because it promises great things. It resembles a pedophile with candy in a park looking for children, to the child it seems great but we all know how that ends. Unfortunately, that analogy is not a stretch considering what has taken place with priest and young boys in the church recently. This analogy will hopefully get one to think before jumping into a religion simply for the rewards it promises. One should read the fine print as with all things that sound too good to be true. As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

It is much more plausible that when one dies, we will all go to the same place, which is where we were before being born, nothingness. This doesn’t mean that life is meaningless, but would argue it makes life even more valuable since it is the only life we get. It should be cherished and we should cherish the lives of others as well because we are all on this rare and exciting ride together. Those scared of what will happen if they do not follow a religion must ask – if a moral and rational God exists, would He be disappointed with us for standing up for what is moral? Let’s hope not, and let’s not follow a deity that would.

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