Woodsy Cake Plates

If you’re having a girl’s birthday party and it has a pixie theme, or even a fairy princess theme, a woodsy cake plate could easily become the focal point of the party. But such a cake stand is perfect for a certain type of wedding, too, such as a spring or fall wedding. No matter what the special occasion, when you make a woodsy cake plate, you create a unique centerpiece or table accent. There are different ways to make the cake stands and any of them are perfect for displaying cakes, cupcakes, candies, and other goodies.

Use something you have around the house as the pedestal for the cake plate. A coffee tin and a soup can are just a couple of the items you could use. Of course, you’ll have to modify the object and that’s easy to do when you use moss from a craft store. Soft moss can be glued to the chosen can or other object and it has the perfect look for the woodsy cake stand. Remove the lid then wrap just the sides in the moss, using hot glue.

Besides a can or other cylindrical object, you can also use a section cut from a log. This section shouldn’t be huge in diameter but should be flat on both ends. With the log section you won’t have to use moss or any other covering.

Craft stores and home improvement places sell slices of wood which are perfect for the cake plate. The slices have bark around the outside but bare wood on the front and back. These come in an assortment of styles and thicknesses. Ordinary round ones work well for the cake stands. Regular hot glue or other common adhesives aren’t appropriate for this project. Use E-6000 or another industrial-strength glue. Mark the center of the wood piece by measuring across the width, and marking the center, then measuring across the length, and marking the center. Where the two points meet is the true center. Aim for this area when attaching the wood slice to the pedestal.

There are some really cute ways to decorate the finished cake stand. Glue on craft butterflies, attach silk flowers, or just stand a pine cone in the center of the wood slice. No matter what design you give to the cake stand, and whether you make it for a wedding or a birthday party, it will look adorable while it holds treats and desserts for your special guests.
Woodsy Cake Stand

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