WWE Smackdown 10-28-11 Results

Teddy Long opened the show by announcing that the status of Mark Henry, Big Show and the World Championship are in flux, but both men are here and the future of the world title would be addressed. Before Long could go on, Christian came out to the ring and said that what Show and Henry did at Vengeance is historic…because its history. Now that Big Show blew his opportunity at the title, it leaves a void in the World Championship picture that would be filled by him. Long said that the last time he saw Christian, he was getting his face kicked off by Sheamus. Christian said that resilience was the top mark of a champion, and he begged Long to find anymore more deserving of a shot than him. CM Punk’s music played and Punk came to the ring. Christian said that he deserved one more match, but Punk said that he was actually a fan of Christian and would like to see him get one more match. He then complimented Smackdown on Long’s leadership which was better the RAW leadership. Christian said that he thought Punk’s actions over the summer weren’t as earth shattering as Punk likes to think, in fact he thought it was a joke. Punk says that he is liked for his actions, but mostly because unlike Christian he doesn’t waste people’s time by bitching. Christian told Punk to leave and go back to RAW since no one wanted him on Smackdown. Punk pretended to leave, but then said it sounded like thousands of people in Houston wanted him there, so he requested a match with Christian tonight, and Long agreed.

Match 1: Awesome Truth v. Air Boom

A few minutes into the match, mostly dominated by Awesome Truth, Evan Bourne, who was double teamed for a while tagged in Kofi, how came in nailing Miz with number of drop kicks and punches. Miz tried to dodge a splash by Kofi, but Kofi ended up hitting a leaping cross body from the middle ropes on the Miz. As Kofi backed Miz into a corner, R-Truth tagged himself in. The Miz then stepped around Kofi, hooking Kofi from the side, as R-Truth came in and delivered the Little Jimmy Stopper, pinning Kofi for the win. After the match the Miz and R-Truth talked about Cena being brain damaged, since he picked a partner who is the one guy who likes Cena less than they do. But if the Rock did accept, and he and Cena didn’t destroy each other, Awesome Truth would definitely make sure to take them out.

Winners: Awesome Truth

A group of wrestlers in the back were chatting about the promo for the HBK/Bret Hart DVD that was shown. Justin Gabriel asked Daniel Bryan if he trained with Shawn Michaels, and Bryan said that he did and was always amazed at how passionate Shawn was for the business. Tyson Kidd walked in mockingly clapping his hands saying he trained with Bret Hart as the two argued about who was better. Santino intervened and told them to fight like men, like Shawn and Bret did.

In the back, Teddy Long was talking to Hornswaggle who was dressed like Zakk Ryder. They were approached by Vicki, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. Vicki said that what happened to Ryder on Monday is what Long gets for making Ziggler compete twice at Vengeance. Ziggler added that it didn’t matter since he stole the show and is still the champion. Long said that he will be putting Ziggler in a match tonight against Randy Orton. When Swagger said not to worry because they “got this”, Long added that Swagger is banned from ringside. As the angry trio walked away, Oksana approached Long and said she missed him. Long excused himself from Hornswaggle and led Oksana to his office.

Match 2: Wade Barrett v. Trent Barretta

After a short and sudden burst off offense from Barretta, Barrett quickly subdued the young competitor, locking a knee into his back for a submission move. When Barretta got away, Barrett continued his assault, lining Barretta out on the ring apron, and hitting him with a big boot to the face. Barrett then came out to the ring and ran over Barretta with a clothesline on the outside. He threw Barretta back in the ring where Barretta tried to fight back, but when he tried a hurricanerana, Barrett powered him back up and dropped Barretta over his shoulders, hitting the Wasteland and getting the winning pin.

Winner: Wade Barrett

Match 3: Randy Orton v. Dolph Ziggler

Cody Rhodes joined the announce team at the announce table as the match started. Orton got the better of Ziggler to start the match, locking him in a headlock, and trying to keep him down on the mat. Ziggler got away, twisting Orton’s arm, but was whipped into the ropes. However, Ziggler was able to turn the tide on Orton, trying to keep him down with multiple moves, but Orton turned things around, hitting Ziggler with a cross back breaker, and kicking him in the stomach while Ziggler was down. Ziggler was able to go on the offensive again, trying to pin Orton, but Orton kicked out. Ziggler put a stretcher submission on Orton, and when Orton powered out, Ziggler punched him in the face. When he saw Orton’s furious face, he darted out of the ring and began to circle ringside with Orton in hot pursuit. Orton leapt over Vicki and took Ziggler down with a clothesline. Vicki yelled at Orton as he stared her down with malice in his eyes. Ziggler was able take advantage, throwing Orton back in the ring and going to work on him. Orton’s attempt to fight back with punches when he came at Ziggler off the ropes, and got hit with a knee to the gut. Ziggler locked in a shoulder submission on Orton, but Orton slowly stood up with Ziggler on his back and tried to drop him to the mat, but Ziggler was able to snap a DDT on Orton instead and locked in a shoulder submission again. Ziggler then hit Orton with a neck breaker, but after being unable to pin him, Ziggler headed to the top rope, but while he was getting set, Orton punched him and Ziggler fell on the top turnbuckles. Orton then climbed up and superplexed Ziggler off the top rope. He went for a pin, but Ziggler kicked out. Orton violently attacked Ziggler, hitting him with a series of clotheslines, then launching Ziggler off the ropes and hitting him with a snap power slam, then followed that by a DDT from the ring apron into the ring. Orton then set himself for the RKO, but Ziggler pushed him off, and nailed Orton in the face with a super kick. Ziggler rolled into a cover, but rolled too far, effectively allowing Orton to roll out of the pin naturally. As Orton got up using the ropes, Ziggler tried the Zig Zag but Orton held onto the ropes and as Ziggler smacked his body on the mat, then got up, he was hit with the RKO and pinned for the win. Cody left ringside with a paper bag in hand pointing to Orton who stared him down the entire way down.

Winner: Randy Orton

The man formerly known as Sin Cara Negro was interviewed backstage and said that he had his identity taken away and now he is the only luchador with a face and now it was payback time.

Match 4: Tyson Kidd v. Daniel Bryan

After an initial finger pointing argument, the two men spent the first couple of minutes of the match exchanging moves and reversals, nailing each other with some effective ground maneuvers. When Daniel Bryan ran over Kidd with a clothesline and drop kicked him down into the corner, he was able to sit Kidd on the top ropes and tried to hit the hurricanerana, but Kidd flipped over and nearly pinned Bryan. What followed was a quick set of reversals as Tyson Kidd tried to lock in a sharpshooter, but Bryan was able to reverse it into the Le Belle lock, and after hanging on for a few moments, Kidd had no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Big Show came to the ring dressed in a suit and started by saying “Ooops, I did it again”. He talked about how he is hurting in places now he didn’t know he had places, and that he doesn’t think he has had a fight like the one he had against Henry ever. He said that a normal person wouldn’t want that again, but he wanted a reenforced ring and wanted to continue the battle with Henry. He said that he was assured by Teddy Long that there would be a rematch in the future between he and Henry, but he was uncertain when exactly that would be. At this point Mark Henry, limping, came out to the ring. Henry said that Show is not getting a rematch, no matter who he talked to. Henry said he is sore and beat up because the ring caved in, but Show is sore and beaten because Henry made him that way. Henry said that apparently he didn’t do enough since Show was still running his mouth, then said he would put his foot in it. But when it came to getting in the ring with Show, who was more than eager, Henry backed off and headed back up the aisle.

Match 5: CM Punk v. Christian

The match started with the two stars exchanging arm bars and shoulder tackles. Christian’s attempts to take control of the match kept getting reversed until he knocked Punk down and hit him with a flying back elbow. Christian however headed to the top rope again and tried to land a cross body, but Punk moved out of the way. Punk then hoisted Christian onto his shoulders and tried to hit the GTS when Alberto Del Rio’s music played and the WWE champion with Roberto Rodriguez came out to the ring. This allowed Christian to slip off of Punk’s shoulders and hit a DDT. Christian now took full control of the match, locking in multiple arm-bar submissions and a reverse DDT. Christian then threw Punk to the outside right in front of Del Rio. Christian would bring Punk back into the ring, where Punk would fight back, hitting Christian with a kick to the side of the head. When Christian got back up, Punk whipped him into the ropes, and elevated Christian over his head. Punk went for a cover, but Christian kicked out and crawled to a corner. Punk chased him but Christian moved, getting behind Punk, trying to roll him up. Punk got out and tried getting Christian on his shoulders. Christian got away and took Punk down with a kick the face. Christian then hit a cross body from the top ropes, but Punk was able to roll over onto Christian and tried to pin him. When he wasn’t able to, Punk headed to the ring apron. He hopped onto the ropes and came into the ring, getting hit with a power slam by Christian who caught him mid air. Christian quickly went for a pin too, but Punk kicked out. Christian went for the Kill-switch, but Punk kicked him in the stomach and tried going for the GTS. Christian reversed once again going for the Killswitch, but Punk threw Christian into a corner then followed him in, nailing Christian with a knee to the chest, and hitting a running bulldog. Punk was set to go for a GTS again, but Roberto Rodriguez got on the ring apron, forcing Punk to chase him off. Punk got back up on the apron and came into the ring jumping off the ropes, clotheslining Christian down. After another unsuccessful pin, Punk headed for the top ropes but was tripped up by Del Rio. Christian, seeing the advantage in front of him, lined up to hit a spear, but Sheamus’s music played and Sheamus ran to the ring chasing off Roberto Rodriguez. The distracted Christian turned around, only to be hit with the GTS and pinned by Punk.

Winner: CM Punk

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