Does the lemonade drink diet really help you lose weight

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Of course, weight loss is inevitable when you stop eating and drink very few calories. But this kind of diet can also be dangerous to your health. [ Source: ]
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Does the lemonade drink diet really help you lose weight
Of course, weight loss is inevitable when you stop eating and drink very few calories. But this kind of diet can also be dangerous to your health.

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Unhealthy weight? Exercise plan?
Q: I am 5’8 and weigh 130-138. Am I overweight?Overweight or not, I do want to lose weight. I really want a flat stomach, so mostly weight off my stomach and a little of my legs. I have done the lemonade diet. Where you drink this lemonade ( homemade) and take vitamin’s everyday. You eat nothing but small amounts of fruit for fifteen days. It was hard but I did lose weight. But it seemed to unhealthy. What are some good exercise plans that have worked for you, and fast? I don’t eat a lot of unhealthy foods, or I try not to. Im not looking for attention such as other girls on here, im really just looking for and help or tips you can give me. Plans for the days of the week would help. Thanks for all the time you guys are giving me, I really appreciate it.
A: ok im a guy who lost +30 pounds over the summer. i went from 236 to 203.try not to eat potato, rice, bread, pasta, and SODA. its ok to eat these a few times, but i recommend; brown rice- sweet potato- wholegrain pasta- and whole wheat bread. it may not taste good, but it will definately fill u up.walking around ur house or town wont do much. although it may be a little costly- join a gym. $45 for 1 month? may be a little costly, but its for ur healthuse the elliptical machine for 30-45 minutes. take ur ipodand walk on a treadmill with an incline.BIKING IS A WASTE OF TIME!! they will only burn 5 calories a minute- whereas ellipticals/treadmills 10+ calories a minute.try to burn 600 calories, yet eat only 1500 GOOD calories.600 calories could be burned by 1 hr on ellptical/treadmill, or even by playing sports with ur friends..dont expect to lose a lot fast! first 10 pounds will just fly off, after that it gets hardsitups-i havent seen any results on myselfDO A LOT OF PUSHUPS!!! 3 sets of 12, 3 times a daysugary drinks- waste of calories, drink water!!because you have a lot of time on your hands- u dont have to be as dedicated as i was.. just dont sign up for these BS health websites and dont take any herbs or pills.
master cleanse diet? help!?
Q: i’m going to start the master cleanse diet tommorow but i have a few questions i am uncertain about. first thing, i’m going to ease into the process such as the first day i’ll be eating fruits and veggies. the next, fruits and veggie juice and the next homade orange juice then i will start the master cleanse and only do it for a week. so all together that will be ten days? i’d like to do a remaining 3days to ease out of the process but then again i will be surrounded by food. i’m only 16 and i know my grandma wont let me do that for that long. UNBELIEVABLE. i use to weigh 322 and now im down to 294 in a month in a half. now i’m having a bm problem. i go to the bathroom probably 3times a week at the most and it’s little to none crap coming out. TMI? SORRY. im trying really hard but this is the next step. please no rude jokesnow, the laxative tea i did not buy. i bought the sea salt tho. do i drink that after the first 3days and the first day i start the lemonade diet or do i drink it the first day i start eating the fruit. remind u, i’m easing in the process. I did not buy the laxative tea because i forgot about it and my gramma wont wanna go back to town. i’ts like 45min away. second ? is willl it hurt? i don’t like pain. especially in my buttox.?loland my 3rd ? is has anybody accomplished this task. How did you feel? anytips? please leave me a comment. i’d like to go bowling on friday but i do not think i’ll feel good. 🙁 how did people feel?How much weight do you think i will lose considering my age?
A: Don’t do this “diet.” You’re starving your body on this, and it will seriously hurt your chances of losing weight in the future.For not going to the bathroom – eat more fiber. If you aren’t eating much and are having little fiber, you won’t have much to excrete.For the first part, just don’t do the diet. Cut your calorie intake and exercise more. Given your obesity, you should look into a nutritionist who can help you develop a weight loss and exercise plan.Second, it probably will hurt. You’re going to be starving (literally) and your body process may shut down some given your size and you may need medical attention.3rd, yes people have done this, but it’s a crash diet. You will probably “lose” 5-7 pounds, but it’s not going to be healthy weight loss at all.
I need help with a diet??? Please help!?
Q: I am a 16-year-old girl, 5’4.5″, and about 147 lbs. I would like to lose 30+ lbs., making my goal weight 117 lbs., or less. My ordinary diet is, I will admit, full of fat and sugar, and I eat a lot, even though that’s not the reason I gained weight (I went on a medication that made me gain it all, but I’ve been off it for a year).The only exercise equipment I have is a Gazelle, which I don’t think does much. I can walk around town or anywhere I please, really; I live in a safe town, and there is a high school track right by my home.I normally drink a ton of lemonade, crangrape juice, hot chocolate, and pomegranate lemonade; and my diet is full of hamburger, baked breaded chicken, pasta, pizza, sometimes cheese, and on occasion broccoli, corn, or green beans. I also like most fruits, but rarely eat them. I don’t like fish, or soup.Please tell me in thorough detail what to do? Like how many times a week to exercise, how to do it, and what to eat, how much? And how much weight I will lose weekly?Best answer gets 10 pts! Thank you so much!
A: I know what your going through. I’m a 17 year old girl, 5’4″, and 162 lbs. I want to weigh about 110 lbs. You need to stop eating all of that fat and sugar, it’s not good for you! A good amount of food to eat is 1/2 a plate of fruits and vegetables, 1/4 a plate protein like 3 1/2 Oz of salmon, 1 egg, or 1/2 cup of beans, and 1/4 a plate of whole grains. In order to get Omega-3’s, which is in fish, you can eat 1/2 cup of nuts(about 12 walnuts), or 1 oz of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate can also prevent cancer, but you can’t eat a lot of it only 1 oz a day. If you like salads instead of putting all of the fatty dressings on it try putting Olive oil on it. It tastes just as good! To get your good fats you can try Olive oil, or Flax-seed oil – this also is a good source of Omega-3’s. Try running 4 miles on the track. Walk or run around town when you have free time. You should exercise about 3 or 4 times a week, more if you can! How much weight you will lose weekly will depend on how often you exercise. You need to stop eating all of that pasta, chicken, pizza. You should also try to get in 3 servings of dairy. Hopefully this helps!
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