How do I raise my iron count

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Eat more iron rich foods. Meats are great sources of iron, including beef, organ meats, pork, poultry, fish, clams, and . [ Source: ]
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How can I raise my Iron count?
Red meat like steak, green leafy vegetables like spinach. Drink a lot of water. the level you must have to give blood in 12.5 women often have low iron levels so don’t worry if yours is too low- they have high standards for giving blood, bu…

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How can I raise my Iron count?
Q: I’m donating blood tomorrow and I need to know some good foods and drinks I can drink to help raise my iron count. Any suggestions?
A: On short notice… liver.
What to eat to have a higher iron count?
Q: I went to the dr’s and they told me my iron count was extremely low. Other than giving me iron supplements what can I eat or do to raise my iron count?Thanks!My doctor has already tested my iron levels and said it was extremely low. She gave me iron supplements already. She told me to take 2-3 a day but the box says only take 1 a day so I am only taking 1 per day. Also I am taking a multivitamin.
A: site’s helpful. =)One of the easiest ways is to sprinkle thyme on your food!What about a multivitamen & mineral, too?Cereals are excellent: Shredded Wheat or Malt-O-Meal’s Frosted Mini Spooners has 90% (eat that every day for breakfast)!!! Honey Nut or Spooners has 50%, Marshmallow Mateys is also high, Crisp Rice cereal has 60%…serving of baked beans has 15%, so does dried cranberry beans, pink beans (I believe red & kidney also), lentil beans & split pea beans. Stuaffer’s Animal crackers are also a good source of iron. Then on to 10%: most other dry beans, oatmeal…But iron pills work, also, just be very careful about iron poisoning!!! I’d try the natural first, it just depends on if you are feeling the deficiency symptoms as noted on the above link…My turkey breast lunch meat says 8% but our frozen turkey breast says 0%.Maybe you should get a second opinion. Is there a way for you to see the results of the test to make sure it wasn’t an error. It seems odd that she would tell you to take that many/day. If your gut instinct tells you to only take one or that you don’t need any then get a second opinion. I think it’s more dangerous for your body to have more iron running thru it than not enough. Check out the above website & google other sites for iron deficiency. Why was she checking your iron in your blood in the first place? People are sometimes over medicated these days & it can have health consequences. I was given iron supplements after my first birth but I didn’t take them & bounced back & was perfectly fine & healthy feeling. I just had some wierd gut feeling that I shouldn’t take ’em, that I didn’t need them… so I didn’t & I didn’t fall ill & felt the same as always…Eat your bowl of Shredded Wheat every morning! =)
why platelets count is often raised in iron defiencey anemia?
Q: why platelets count is often raised in iron defiencey anemia?
A: The mechanism is a mystery. People used to think that it had to do with high erythropoietin (EPO) levels. This was thought to raise platelet counts because thrombopoietin, the molecule that stimulates the growth of megakaryocytes and the production of platelets, is structurally similar to EPO. However, investigations with recombinant human erythropoietin and thrombopoietin indicated that cross-reactivity does not occur. Also, some people with high EPO levels and iron deficiency anemia have normal initial platelet counts. So why are platelets counts often raised in iron deficiency anemia? Nobody can really explain it.
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