How many calories are in grits

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One serving (3/4 cup) of corn grits, cooked with no salt has 107 calories. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How many calories are in grits?
I was just doing some research to find out the answer to that very question! I’ve seen the same results, on a number of web pages. Here is one: I hope that it helps. Take care! ~Ali
How many calories in an order of grits?
About 140 calories per serving, on their own. If the grits are cooked with oil, butter or margarine, it can be more.
How Many Calories Are In 1 Serving Of Grits?
One cup of grits contains between 110 and 150 calories. This is for corn grits, salt added, but otherwise plain.

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How many calories are in 5 slices of bacon and 2 fried eggs, 2 scopes of grits and 1 hasbrown?
A: 5 slices of bacon = 215 Calories2 large eggs, fried = 210 CaloriesGrits (1 Cup) = 143 CaloriesHasbrown (3.1 oz) = 70 CaloriesTotal = 638 Calories Assuming you didn’t add butter, sugar or milk on top of your gritsSee below for link for calories…
if i eat grits instead of rice with my meats and veg am i still eating calories?
Q: which food group grits fall under. i want to stop eating rice and use grits instead , is there a difference thanks 4 ur answers
A: Grits have the same, if not more calories.Switch to something like brown rice, which will keep you fuller longer and has more nutrients, or whole wheat pasta.
how many calories is four slices of bacon?
Q: I am tring to lose thirty pounds by august, but i love bacon grits and toast.
A: I think there is about 100 calories per slice for bacon. Look on the back of the package it will tell you.
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