How many calories in a cappuccino

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Vending Machine Cappuccino, Original (Folgers) has 100 calories, 3.5g of fat and 17.0g of carbs in each cup (8.1 fl.oz). [ Source: ]
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How many calories are in a Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino??
there are exacaly 150 calories in a small iced cappachino. – Chow
What contains more calories… a flat white or a cappuccino? Both…?
there is no difference in either except cuppachino has chocolate sprinkled on top, the only dif is the milk is foamed rather than just warmed
How many calories are in a 20oz cappuccino from the gas station??
Depends on the instant mixture that is bing used. I would check with the gas station, bet they don’t know either.

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How many calories in 12-ounce cappuccino from a gas station?
Q: This is what I put in it:3 oz. dark roasted coffee2 oz. steamed (whole) milk7 oz cappuccino mix (from machine)Two shots of caramel syrupWould it be safe to say that this is about 250 calories?
A: Your estimate is good.
How many calories in a small (12 ounce) cappuccino?
Q: Here are the ingredients I use for my small gas station cappuccino:4 oz dark roasted coffee3 oz steamed whole milk5 oz ounces cappuccino mix (water mixed with powder, from a machine) How many calories? Would 250 calories be a good guess?
A: Coffee – 0Milk – 50Powder – about 100 I would say 150, unless you add whip cream or something.
how many calories and fat are in the cappuccino at convenient stores?
Q: I don’t like coffee but love the sweet cappuccinos at gas stations like Circle K and Race Track anyone know the calories and fat?
A: It is really going to depend. If it doesn’t have a label, you are entitled by law to ask for the nutrition information. Just ask whoever gives it to you or the sales clerk what they make it with (type of milk, mix, etc.)
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