How many calories is 2 chocolate chip cookies

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There seems to be 138 calories in one home made cookie. Therefore, two cookies would have approximately 276 calories. [ Source: ]
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How many calories are in a chocolate chip cookie?
according to Google there are 389.61 calories in a chocolate chip cookie.
How many calories in homemade double chocolate chip cookies with …?
ITS around 100-125 per cookie. LARGER cookies 150-200
How many calories are in 5 Chips Ahoy Chewy chocolate chip cookie…?
Read the package, it will tell you. About 60 calories per cookie. If you can’t do math, that’s about 300. I assume you are planning to die early with a diet like that.

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How many calories in homemade double chocolate chip cookies with pecans?
Q: I made them for other people but couldn’t help myself and had one! They are made with 2 sticks of butter, a whole bag of semisweet choc. chips and 2 eggs. There are 23 cookies.
A: ITS around 100-125 per cookie. LARGER cookies 150-200
How do you think Toll House chocolate chip cookies would taste with 1/2 the fat?
Q: I dont want to use 2 sticks of butter! With 1/2 the fat i cut almost 1/2 the calories! How do you think this would affect the cookies?Im using the classic Toll House recipe.
A: It would not work. It is not just the taste you change, but the texture and chemical makeup. In addition to losing that lovely buttery taste, the actual makeup of the cookies changes. The fat in the butter coats the flour, which makes it more like a cookie and less like a bread or cake. If their weren’t enough butter to properly coat the flour, it would become a bit tougher. Also, when you cream the sugar and butter together, you make an airier cookie. By cutting the butter so drastically, you toughen the cookie and reduce the taste.However, I do not agree that recipes were not meant to be changed. If you’re really worried about the fat, and just eating less cookies for less calories won’t cut it, try reducing the fat by a tablespoon or two, or even try substituting a bit of unsweetened applesauce for a tablespoon or two of butter. I’ve read that in small amounts, pectin can help reduce the need for fats in the cookie, slightly.Personally, I’d recommend eating half the cookies you would otherwise eat, though its hard to do.
omg i couldnt control myself!i ate about 8 oreos,and 2 chocolate chip cookies in just today!!!?
Q: did i just gain a pound!?the oreos pack 150 calories each and a chockolate chip cookie packs 140 calories!and plus i ate school food!is that all unhealthy?how do i control my eating abilities?trust me im really not capable of controlling my habbit of eating alot!
A: nahh you totally didntyou cant just gain weight like thatwait for it to digestand a pound…thats not bad
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