How many slices of pizza are in a Costco pizza

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Costco cheese pizza has a serving size of 1 slice or 1/6 pizza, so there would be 6 slices per pizza. Each slice has 804 calories! [ Source: ]
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How many slices in costco whole pizza?
It should be between 8 and 12. =) I love Costco’s Pizza&Hot dogs! Yumm.
Is it any good?
I agree. I hadn’t had it in years as they pulled out of NY and were only found in Kmart food courts. Then I was in Florida and saw one and had to have it. It was good but then again, another time I had it and I was like…ehh….maybe my ex…
Does anyone know if it is safe to freeze the already cooked Costc…?
Freezing isn’t the problem. The problem is the thawing… I’m all for leftover cold pizza, but whenever I tried to freeze and thaw one out, it was always… ewwww. But maybe you will have better luck with the costco one. But no, no problems…

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How many slices are there in an 18″ Costco pizza?
Q: My friend and I are having a class party, and we don’t know how many slices there are in each pizza. So how many are there?
A: Call Costco – they’ll tell you.It’s less about slices than it is about area though.A large Papa Johns pizza has 8 slices and is 14″.That’s about 19 square in. per slice.A Costco pizza would then contain about 13 Papa John’s large pizza slices.But it depends on how you slice it.
How many calories in one slice of Costco pizza??
Q: just plain, Costco cheese pizza. one sliceif possible, please tell me where you found it out?
how many calories are in 2 slices of cheese pizza from costco?
Q: (from a large pizza)thanks! oh and it’s the one from the food bar place, not the frozen kind ones 🙂
A: a least 700 calories
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