Is diet soda just as bad as regular soda

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Researchers found adults who drink sodas, diet or regular, had about a 50% higher risk of developing heart problems. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is drinking diet soda just as bad as drinking regular soda??
I love diet soda because it comes in so many flavors and it has no calories. That being said, it is carbonated and has a tendency to make you thirsty, so you drink more. Contrary to some of the myths out there, the sweeteners used in the di…
Is diet soda just as bad for a diet as regular soda??
No. Regular soda is loaded with useless sugar. However, caffeine can slow weight loss, as does the high sodium content found in sodas. If you must drink soda, limit it to a can of diet, caffeine free soda per day. You are better off drinkin…
Is diet soda just as bad for your teeth as regular soda, even tho…?
Yes. Aspartame not only eats at your teach but it is proven to cause many diseases including cancer. My doctor told me it also causes you to retain, so it in general causes you to gain wait. Diet soda is really unhealthy for you and proven …

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is diet soda as bad as regular soda to give my 2 year old?
Q: i know i shouldnt be giving her soda but my whole family in my house drinks it and its hard for her not to want some. i bought diet soda thinking its better but now i dont know. shes addicted to soda period. she is prefering it beter then milk or juice but am i wrong for giving her diet soda then regular soda? is it less bad for her or what?
A: YES. It has the same bad stuff in it. If anything I would say it’s worse because those artificial sweeteners are worse than sugar. They are not healthy and especially bad for small children. There are certain artificial sweeteners that you are supposed to avoid all together while you are pregnant…so what does that say. I’m not for giving children soda( I don’t judge people, no one is perfect and I make plenty of my own parenting mistakes…and so do alll of those other people that are going to come on here ripping you a new one for giving your child soda.) But If you are going to then I would give regular. Yeah the other one has less sugar but sugar is healthier than the fake stuff.And both still have high fructose corn syrup which is practically the worst stuff on the planet for anyone. I don’t want to tell you what to do but I would try to give her the least amount possible. At least stick to the clear sodas like seven up and sierra mist, they are still bad but a heck of a lot better than the other ones.
Is Diet Soda as bad as Regular Soda?
Q: I was talking with a friend at work the other day. She mentioned that a doctor told one of her friends that if you’re going to drink soda you might as well drink regular soda because diet is just as bad for you. Can anyone tell me what is so bad about diet soda besides the carbonation? I know that much but there’s nothing else in diet that would equal regular soda is there?Some of you have said worse, what in Diet soda makes it worse than the regular?
A: Artificial foods usually are worse for you than the original thing. Sugar, fat, caffeine, cholesterol, and the natural pigments in foods are naturally occurring in said foods. If those aren’t good for you for whatever reason you can choose healthier alternatives to that food, or simply eat less of it or abstain from it. Often times the healthier alternative is a simple substitution of one thing with another…such as sweetening canned fruit with fruit juice instead of processed sugar, or drinking water instead of other beverages. Another way is mechanical separation of the offending ingredient from the rest of the food…such as chilling a chicken broth and removing the solidified fat from the top or eating egg whites with the yolk removed, soaking the caffeine out of coffee beans with water? or purifying water by boiling and filtering it. Not questioning whether these are all good for all people…with so many diets, what is really healthy for us is controversial to say the least. But this is how many foods are made more acceptable.The trouble comes when we chemically engineer substances that TASTE like what we love in our food, without being what it is. Artificial colors, sweetners, flavors, textures that simulate the richness of fatty food. They may not cause the fats or sugars to go up in our systems, but they are foreign substances. They are not meant to be in our food…and as such, they often cause problems like allergies, cancers, immune deficiencies, and the like. Plus they don’t really taste the same…they come close sometimes. Personally, I prefer diet sodas and I am not watching my weight…I just like the crisper less syrupy taste. It doesn’t coat my mouth and make me thirstier. But aspartame is linked not only to cancer but memory related problems and that is pretty serious threat from a drink that promises you all the refreshment of a regular soda with none of the problems of that pesky sugar.Another real thing to consider is that when you eat and drink fake foods…myself included GUILTY GUILTY…you relieve yourself of having to monitor what you eat and drink.You can have a teaspoon of real butter on real bread once in a while, OR you can eat fake bread with some phony spread or butter buds all the time. Which requires more discipline?You can have a real Coke once in a while, or you can suck down Diet Cokes or caffeine free Cokes all day…your waistline and nerves are the same either way but you can’t expect to drink the FULL version of your fav beverage all day and feel very good unless you are addicted and your body has become used to horrible conditions.Most doctors will tell you that if you want to be truly healthy, eating is part of a total lifestyle that includes proper exercise and hydration and rest and mental health. Eating right means choosing a wide variety of high nutrient fresh foods and preparing them in healthy manner. Every once in a while, a person who watches what they eat can indulge in the real version of their fav treats or junk food…butter, chocolate, french fries, and yes…sodas.
Is Diet soda as bad as regular soda to your teeth?
Q: Is Diet soda as bad as regular soda to your teeth?
A: It can be. Diet soda, like the regular, contains acids {phosphoric is one of them) which can eat away at the enamel of the teeth causing erosion of the enamel layer. Sports drinks (like gatoraid) also can be bad for the teeth as they also contain a lot of acid. Drinking one every once in a while is OK if you are brushing and flossing properly. However I would not suggest drinking them all of the time.
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