Is mountain dew bad for the body

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All soda’s are bad for your teeth, leech calcium from your bones and can lead to obesity. Mt Dew also has more caffeine than many other sodas that can be addictive and reduce fertility. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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What does mountain dew do to a male body?
there is a MYTH that the yellow dye in mountain dew makes the testicles shrink but that is not true and has been scientifically proved to not be true.: Answer- Nothing
What does mountain dew do to a boys body?
I know that it makes you very, very hyper.
Does mountain dew affect any part of your body?
Just if you overdue the caffiene, you may have an issue, other than that, no. There was a rumor that Mt. Dew lowers sperm count, but that’s not true!

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how bad is mountain dew for your body?
Q: i know it has alot of caffiene but how exactly is it bad for you?
A: you’re lazy. go search it on the internet
What Happens to Your Body if You Drink Mountain Dew?
Q: My mom says that mountain dew is bad for your body. And i looked on the enternet but can’t find the results for what happens to your body when you drink it.
A: Sodas in general are not good for you. Everyone knows about the excess sugar. I could write a whole answer on the negatives of sugar alone, but I won’t. Anyway, sodas also make you gain weight. They also affect the pH (alkaline) content of your body too, but not enough to mess you up seriously. The extra caffeine — and Dew has a lot — can make you fidgety and even cause insomnia if you drink it close to bed time. Sodas cause tooth decay and, over the long term, a weakening of bones by sapping calcium from your system.All that said, I drink a decent amount of soda. I’m going to die anyway, so I might as well live life all buzzed up and happy. If you want to join me, Mountain Dew is definitely a good way to go. That and Jolt Cola.
How Bad is Mountain Dew for you?
Q: Well i drink about 2 cans or so a day and i just wondered how bad for me that is? What long term affects is this doing to my body?woh woh woh hold on person who hasnt heard of mt dew.. don’t ever bad mouth mt dew it may be bad for you but it is definatley one of the greatest drinks invented.
A: The caffeine can give interfere with your heart rate and rhythm.The phosphorous in any soda can leach the calcium out of your bones, including teeth, causing them to become brittle.The acid can eat away the enamel on your teeth.The acid, the phosphorous leaching the calcium, and the sugar all can cause your teeth to rot out. Even if you brush, you cannot undo the undetectable damage being done slowly by the acid and the phosphorous. By the time the damage it noticeable, it is too late.The sugar can cause spikes in your blood sugar levels, which causes your body to over produce insulin, which will cause your blood sugar levels to drop too much, which eventually can take a toll on your pancreas (which produces the insulin) which will lead to the development of diabetes.Too much soda and not enough other type of fluids (juice, milk, water) can lead to kidney inflammation which can lead to more medical problems.All the empty calories will cause you to get fat.All this can happen with any soda, but Mt. Dew has more sugar and caffeine than most.
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