Is the lemonade cleanse diet good for you

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According to studies, the diet is a ‘cleansing diet’ but it has the added benefit of being an optimal ‘reducing diet’. ChaCha on. [ Source: ]
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Is the Master Cleanse “Lemonade Diet ” good for .?
I had a chance to read about the diet  here and am not so impressed with it. It sounds like a starvation diet to me. While it may be possible to lose weight this way, I don’t think it’s possible to keep the weight off. There’s definitely ot…
What’s the best substitute to maple syrup in the master cleanse l…?
A big fat placebo. Or anything really. Eat only a few limited foods of ANY food and you will lose weight. Try eating only chocolate for a week. You will lose weight. Or only apples. Weight loss again. Perhaps only pickled onions? Yep, we…

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Is it better to start the lemonade cleanse diet right after a normal diet, or slowly proceeding into it?
Q: I’m planning on starting the lemonade cleanse diet again (and make it last for more than four days this time!)& I was wondering, I’ve been eating a lot recently.Is it better to do like a water fast or a vegetable fast for two or three days, and then start the lemonade cleanse diet?or is it okay to just jump right into the lemonade diet ?personal opinions?
A: I wouldn’t advice you to do any water fast or veggie fasting weight loss before you start out your lemonade cleanse diet. What i’m worried most is you are not getting enough nutrients and your poor gastric might not be able to take it.It would be much better if you start to consume a low fat diet ,cut down the intake of processed food e.g sausages and proceed to the lemonade diet right after. As far as most dieters are concerned,this diet plan will assist their body to expel the toxins ( it is known that such toxins in our bodies are the key factors for making us overweight)
Who has tried the Master Cleanse/Lemonade Diet and does it really make you feel as good as they claim?
Q: And did you lose weight? If so, how much?
A: I tried it and I did feel great. It completely got rid of my appetite. The only thing is that I put in more maple syrup than was in the recipe and that is the reason that after twelve days I only lost 2 pounds. But I did not do it to lose weight. I did it for the cleansing value. It was remarkable that I never felt edgy or out of sorts. Whenever I was feeling a little hungry I drank another glass. It really felt good and since it was the first time that I have ever fasted in all of my 50 years I think that I was a great experience which I will continue to do on a quarterly basis. If I ever want to skip a meal it is very effective and does not cause any negative side effects that I experienced. Try it you’ll like it. I did.
Would it completely ruin the Master Cleanse/lemonade diet if i added another juice?
Q: I have been on the master cleanse for 2 days and i feel fine with the diet. I am not craving food, but I feel like I need something with some actual taste since Im so tired of the spicy lemon flavor. Would it be sooo bad if I just drink 1-2 cups of orange or cranberry juice a day along with the lemonade? It’s not like I’m eating something..
A: why not switch the lemon for orange for the drink? drinking more fluids wouldn’t hurt.
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