What are complex carbohydrates

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Complex carbohydrates, noun, a carbohydrate, as sucrose or starch, that consists of two or more monosaccharide units. Want more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-complex-carbohydrates ]
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They are made up of long strands of sugar molecules. They take longer to digest and are healthier than simple carbohydrates.
Starch – found in plants Cellulose – found in plant cell walls Chitin – found in fungi Glycogen – found in animals
Carbohydrates get their name from the elements that compose their molecular structure, namely carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Complex carbohydrates generally consist of long chains of glucose molecules, unlike simple carbohydrates read more

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What are some good complex carbohydrates that I can eat with meals?
Q: I pretty much live on turkey breast, chicken breast and various types of fish throughout the week as a form of protein.Vegetables and Fruit are my staple! They make up 90% of my diet.I also eat egg whites, nuts, beans and pulses in random amounts because I know how good they can be in addition to a healthy diet and I have my Saturday treat so I don’t fall off the wagon of course.But I’m struggling with carbs. My Dietician has told me to stick with complex carbs. But other than Brown Rice, Cous Cous and Sweet Potato I’m not sure what else I can have with my meals and I am getting really sick of both. I need to add at least one spoonful of carbs to each meal (4 meals daily, over 6 days). I’m REALLY struggling here, anybody got any ideas?
A: wholegrains (rice, rye, barley, sorghum, wheat if you’re not intolerant/ allergic to it, millet, oat, barley), root vegetables (sweet potato, potato, yam, cassava), legumes (peas and beans) and bananas are a really good place to start. this list is not exhaustive.
What’s the difference between complex carbohydrates and simple sugars?
Q: Aren’t they basically the same and make you gain weight? Why do some people think complex carbohydrates or starches are good for you while simple sugars or simple carbohydrates are not?
A: Both have the same amount of calories (4 per gram of carbohydrate) but their nutritional value is very different. Complex carbohydrates are what you find in whole grains (brown rice, whole wheat, quinoa, etc), beans/legumes, vegetables. Complex carbohydrates are better for you, and are an essential part of your diet, because foods with complex carbs have high amounts of fiber in them, which improves digestion. Foods that are more digestible have their nutrients better absorbed into the body and give you better energy. Foods with complex carbohydrates also have more protein.Simple carbohydrates include fruit, which should be a part of your diet as well. Foods with lots of added sugar, like cake, candy, soda and honey, have little nutritional value and are likely to make you gain weight.Don’t be afraid of carbohydrates, your body needs them to function properly.
Q. What are the names of 2 other complex carbohydrates that are found in the diet apart from starch?
Q: Q. What are the names of 2 other complex carbohydrates that are found in the diet apart from starch? Can we digest these compounds to obtain energy, if not, why are they important in digestion?
A: 1) Cellulose is not digestible by humans and is often referred to as ‘dietary fiber’ or ‘roughage’, acting as a hydrophilic bulking agent for faeces.2) Chitin found in cell walls of some fungi, crustaceans exoskeletons..Similar to cellulose, not digested, serves as a source of fibre.
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