What are Fish Oil capsules

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Fish oil capsules contain the omega-3 fatty acids called eicosa-pentaenoic acid (EPA) and doeosahexaenoic acid (DHA). ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-fish-oil-capsules ]
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Are Fish Oil Capsules Good For You?
Today, it’s not uncommon to hear about fish oil capsules in people’s medicine cabins. Is taking fish oil really good for you, or is it another medical fad? While there isn’t 100 percent proof that it’s good for you, there is substantial …
Why Take Fish Oil Capsules
With the popularity of the supplement industry, it pays to know what benefits come from taking fish oil capsules, both the proven benefits and those that show promise but need additional testing. Fish oil is one of very few supplements that…
Capsules may be taken at any time of day, with or without food, together or in divided doses. Many patients experience a “fishy burp” after they take fish oil capsules. Typically, patients prefer to take all the capsules at once s…

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How can I determine if fish oil capsules are highly refined?
Q: I’m looking for fish oil capsules that don’t cause heartburn and burping.
A: Even the “refined ones” can cause these problems…Instead, try freezing them (i.e. put the bottle in the freezer).It works like a charm!-
How can I tell if my fish oil capsules go bad?
Q: I have a bottle that is a month expired, but my mom said things like vitamins and supplements can be taken a month after the exp. date. Does fish oil really expire, and how do you tell? I only ask because aspirin for instance has an exp. date, but my former boss, daughter of a pharmacist said it never goes bad. Is it ok to take my capsules?
A: Typically, supplements in pill, and capsule form can be taken for about a year past their expiration date.Gel caps, liquids, juice supplements, and oil capsules are different, as these really do go bad. A month past the expiration date is as far as I would push these. You can usually tell if they are bad by the taste, and smell. With fish oil capsules, and liquids, you will have to pay close attention, as fish oil doesn’t have the best taste, or smell even when these products are fresh.You can recognize a rancid taste, however, by a slight “bite, or sting” and it will have a smell that is somehow a little “off” than just the normal fishy odor.When I’m not sure about the freshness of foods, and supplements, I go by this simple rule…”When in doubt, throw it out!”Hope this helped you.
Can a teen take Fish Oil capsules regularly?
Q: Just wondering, my mom recently purchased fish oil recommended by her gym instructor, and I have been aware of the health benefits of taking fish oil, however, I already take two multivitamin pills a day, so I’m wondering if I can also begin to take two fish oil capsules daily as well. Thanks.
A: Of course you can.
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