What is vitamins in minerals

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Vitamins and minerals make people’s bodies work properly. Although you get vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat every MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-vitamins-in-minerals ]
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What is Vitamin And Minerals ?
Vitamins are the building blocks of the body. They are used to prevent or treat a vitamin deficiency due to poor nutrition, certain illnesses or during pregnancy. HOW TO USE: Take as directed. Food may affect the absorption of certain vitam…
What are the benefits of vitamins and minerals??
Vitamins And Minerals. Groups of nutrients that the human body needs in order to remain healthy and function normally. Vitamins are organic substances, small amounts of which are needed for certain biochemical reactions in the human body. M…
Although eating a well-balanced diet can provide most of the necessary requirements, the publicís increased reliance on “fast foods,” plus the abundance of processed foods, contribute to poor general eating habits and decrease the…

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What vitamins and minerals can promote blood to circulation much quicker?
Q: I am constantly wondering what does it take for a person’s blood to flood much faster, such as by consuming the following: vitamins, minerals, stretching, or exercising. In addition, how can a person purify their heart vessels from accumulation of plaque?
A: You need an adequate supply of magnesium (which helps your metabolism and circulation, ginseng (circulation) and chamomile tea (helps repair capillaries so it improves blood flow.
What vitamins and minerals for a healthy life?
Q: I excercise and study very hard. I dont get to have a healthy meal so I guess im lacking some important nutrients in my diet. However, Im taking in a lot of protein.I hope to get some tablets from the pharmacy.What vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, etc will I need?(for example, will i need a lot of Vit B complex?)Im a 22 year old male.
A: I take more supplements than anyone I know, but I am a woman so I won’t bring up the ones you wouldn’t need.You should at the very least take a good multivitamin. In addition:Vitamins C and EB ComplexCalciumBeta CaroteneLecithindeodorized garlic (Spring Valley from Walmart is the only one I’ve found that is truly odorless)Ginseng if you are lacking energyThere wll probably be enough iron for a man in your multivitamin if you get one with iron.Cinnamon capsulesSome of these are for cholesterol control to prevent problems later on.
What are the most important vitamins & minerals your body needs?
Q: I try to get my daily amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron. Are there any really important ones im missing? A full list of all the vitamins and minerals would be good 2 🙂
A: Unfortunately nutrition science is a long way away from determine a list of all the nutrients which are important. At one point they thought it was just protein, fat and carbohydrates. Then they broke it down further into the major vitamins and minerals that we know about now (Vitamin A, Iron, etc). But now there’s a lot of research going on about antioxidants and flavonoids suggesting that they are also very important to our heath. Who knows what science will discover in another few decades. An apple has over 200 compounds in it – science hasn’t studied all of them to know which are important and useful and which are not… and that’s just one food. The best thing to do is to try to eat a variety of foods. Refer back to the food pyramid and just try your best to get the different food groups covered and try a variety of foods within each. (e.g. picking different colours of fruits and veggies instead of eating the same ones over and over). If you’re having problem eating all of the food groups, talk to your doctor about if you’re missing any major nutrients.
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